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The Onam Festival is celebrated with great fanfare in South India, especially in Kerala. Onam is especially prized in the fields for its good harvest. This festival, which started on September 1st, will be celebrated until September 13th. Onam is also special because he is worshipped not in the temple, but at home.

Onam WhatsApp Status

There is a mythological belief behind the celebration of Onam. It is said that in Kerala there lived a king of the Asuras named Mahabali. The Onam festival is celebrated in his honour. The Onam festival is closely associated with agriculture and farmers. Farmers worship Shravan Devta and Pushpadevi for the safety and good harvest of their crops. The joy of the harvest awakens new hope and confidence in the minds of people.

These days special cleanliness of the entire house is done. After this, people decorate the entire house with flowers. The program of decorating houses with flowers lasts for ten days. People also make Rangoli with flowers on their doors.

Onam WhatsApp Status Images 2020

A traditional feast ceremony is organized during the Onam festival. In this ceremony, in addition to sweet dishes, nine delicious dishes are prepared, in which chips of pachdi Kallam, Olam, Dawa, ghee, sambar, banana and papad are mainly made. These dishes are served on banana leaves. People wish this festival to their friends, relatives and family members.

Onam WhatsApp Status Video Download 2020

Onam is one of the most colourful festivals in India. The popularity of this festival is so much that the Kerala government celebrates it as a tourist festival. During Onam Parv, programs like boat race, dance, music, Mahabhoj are also organized.

Onam Images & Video Download 2020

Onam differs from other popular Indian festivals in the sense that there is no mythology behind it. Hence, it has become such a futuristic festival for all social and religious groups, which aims at building an egalitarian society. Like other festivals, Brahminists tried their best to capture it. Still, both the common people and the state government reacted sharply to the dominionists’ attempt to link the festival to the myth of Vaman-Mahabali.

The Citizens of Kerala describes Onam as important fest and one the most important culture of Kerala”. The people of Kerala Believe that “Vamana is a myth. Onam is a dream – egalitarian and dream of a bright future”. This ‘blasphemy’ of the LDF government greatly offended the Sangh Parivar, the protector of Hindu civilization.

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Onam is perhaps the only Hindu festival celebrated in memory of a subaltern figure – in memory of a powerful king who was an adept of the ideal social order. Popular songs in Kerala like “Maveli Nadu vanadium kalam / manushaar alarum onnu polle (All humans were equal when the earth ruled the kingdom)” and “Ida pida javo, Balika Rajya yevo” (sorrow and songs sung in Maharashtra) Go to trouble, let the kingdom of power come) attack the roots of the myth of Hinduism.

In this way, people have changed their thinking by turning away from myth and watching this festival, and it proves that Kerala was once a free and egalitarian society.

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