One Flax Seed Muffin A Day For 30 Days Kills 31% Of Breast Cancer Cells In Newly Diagnosed Women

In addition to being used as a preservative for wood, concrete, and paints, varnishes and stains, linseed oil, made from flax seeds, is an extremely useful natural oil. The discarded flax meal was not realized until years later that it would be an effective therapy for breast cancer and other cancers.

It has been studied in cell cultures and animals for years that flax seed lignans can treat cancer, but they have never been tested in humans with cancer. In an attempt to study the effects of flaxseed on breast cancer progression in women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, Canadian researchers enrolled women newly diagnosed with breast cancer as volunteers, following previous studies conducted in mice.

The study involved eating one flaxseed muffin a day, containing a predetermined concentration of pre-lignans, daily for 30 days, and taking tissue biopsies before and after the study was complete. According to the study, flaxseed pre-lignans were extremely effective at killing breast cancer cells in these volunteer women at low doses when they were converted by bacteria into powerful anticancer lignans.

The results were nothing short of dramatic. A 34.2% decrease in growth index was observed, while an increase in programmed cell death was observed. A dramatic 71% decrease in HER2 (c-erbB2) expression was observed in women who expressed it. This kind of data has never been reported before, according to Grouppe Kurosawa’s Chief Scientist, Stephen Martin.

Unlike breast cancer patients, lignans kill a wide range of cancers, including melanoma, which is currently incurable. This study is critical for all cancer patients. Specific foods don’t normally kill cancer cells, except for palmitic acid, a common saturated fatty acid. It is only one muffin per day that we are talking about. What if we ate two? I am so excited about this study that I am in a state of shock. In 2004, there are estimated to be 1.2 million women diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

Therefore, we sent out a press release. This disease will ultimately kill many of these women because they lack adequate medical care. There will be 211,240 cases of breast cancer in 2005 in the United States, a country with unlimited medical resources, with 40,410 deaths. Medical costs in the US and around the world are out of control. African American women are particularly prone to contracting and dying from this cancer. When you don’t have health insurance, natural medicines like lignans are cheap, non-toxic, effective in low doses, and your only option. Flaxseed can be ground up and added to muffins, smoothies, yogurt, or animal foods.

As far as human and animal health is concerned, it’s almost overwhelming to think that this simple seed can actually kill cancer cells. The Medicinal Nutrition folder on Grouppe Kurosawa’s web site contains information about lignans and cancer. Grouppe Kurosawa develops treatment protocols for acute and chronic diseases using natural medicine and over-the-counter drugs.

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