One Piece Chapter 992 Delayed, Spoilers, Preview, Trailer, & Recap: Where To Read?

One Piece Chapter 992 Delayed

One Piece Chapter 992 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview, Trailer, & Recap: Where To Read?: How can a manga which is going to complete it’s 1000 chapters very soon be this interesting? There are many mangas out there that have crossed 1000 chapters mark, but none of them feels this interesting in any way. This chapter showed so many new things like Kaidou not being the disrespectful monarch we thought he is. Kinemon injuring Kaidou. Doge and Neko just laying waste to Jack. Luffy accepting Drake as an ally. In only 20 pages Oda opened up a lot of new questions and mysteries for all the fans. This chapter also indicated Luffy giving off that leader’s vibe that even people who don’t know him can also feel.

One Piece Chapter 991 Recap

The chapter started with everyone confused about the Drake situation. Nobody was able to understand it. Kaido’s men could,t believe Darake just backstabbed them, and Straw Hats weren’t convinced with Drake’s sudden alliance. Page One asked Drake why did he take out the numbers? We see a flashback where Coby is just praising Luffy in front of Drake. Luffy asks him why does he want to join them? Drake didn’t tell his reason but said that his goals align with them. Zoro, Franky, and Jimbei tell Luffy not to trust him until he gives a solid reason. To that Luffy replies with “It’s fine. He is an ally”. Franky, Jimbei, and Zoro disagree and shut Luffy up.

The Chaos Begins

Page One and Ulti realizes that Luffy is their leader and decides to attack him. Samurai tries to stop them, but Page One used his dinosaur form to attack them. Ussop attacks Page One with one of his attacks and hides behind Nami. Nami then challenged both of them and both her and Usopp and started running from there. Meanwhile, Luffy and squad are moving forward when Luffy saw Apoo and was able to evade his attack. Apoo using his ability controlled the fallen giants Jaki, Goki, and Juki. Jimbei and Franky decide to stop those three giants. Zoro and Drake were fighting when they also spot Apoo and attacks him. The unlikely team between Zoro and Drake is formed. Queen, after seeing all of this starts firing bullets and Drake realized what those bullets are and looked scared.

Strike Of Retaliation

On top of Onagishima Doge and Neko by using their Sulong mode, defeated Jack. Kaido told Jack to treat his wound and come back again. Kaidou used his Blast Breath on the allied forces and told all of them to run. But Kinemon diverted the attack using his technique which resulted in Kaidou getting injured. They told Kaiodu that they are tired of running, and even if they die, they will take him down with them.

One Piece Chapter 992 Delayed: New Release Date

The official twitter account of the Weekly Shonen Jump just revealed that the next chapter of One Piece will come out on October 17, 2020. The hiatus is due to One Piece author Eichiro Oda’s sudden illness. Oda already declared in May that there will be many delays as his staff is reorganizing the workplace. In a recent interview, Oda also said that he plans to end the story in four to five years.

One Piece Where To Read

You can read One Piece’s latest chapter on Viz’s Media Shonen Jump site. One Piece is also collected in manga tankōbon volumes. We request you to use only the legal and legit sources as it will promote the work of creators.

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