One Piece Episode 935 Release Date, Preview, Review, and Spoilers

One Piece Episode 935 Release Date

One Piece Episode 935 Release Date, Preview and Spoilers: The last episode of One Piece was so sick. Whan an epic fight by Zoro. It’s been so long since we have seen Zoro usingĀ  Onigiri moves and that’s by far one of the best. And the advanced khaki by Luffy is also looking too good.

We just can not wait for Luffy to master it and try it against Kaido. Well, that fight is a bit far away as of now, but it is gonna come soon, and when it will come it is gonna be a legendary battle for sure. And one more piece of information is that in the new episode we are gonna get a new opening. So another good news I guess.

One Piece Episode 934 Recap

Zoro is fighting against both Kamado and the thief. And on the other hand, Luffy is fighting in the Sumo Tournament and is increasing his Haki limit to the next level. He is still not satisfied yet and he thinks of the tournament as practice beating people left and right.

Queen is very offended by this and introduce one of the best fighter ‘Hungry Bear’ in the tournament.

At first, Luffy attacks him but it has no effect on him at all, and because of that Luffy becomes motivated and used hi advanced khaki and defeats the bear without even touching him.

And meanwhile, in an abandoned village, Kuri Kinemon meets Dogstorm. Kinemon is worried, and told Dogstorm that the enemies have found out about the flyer with the symbol and moon tattoo and everything is a big mess now.

They don’t know how the information was leaked but the enemy has found out the meaning of the symbol. And now in the capital all off their allies are getting caught by Orochi and his underlings.

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In the capital, everyone is angry towards Kyoshiro as he killed Komurasaki. Orochi is crying because of Komurasaki’s demise. In the Ebisu town, Law and Shinobu are arguing and Shinobu is saying that Bepo might have leaked the information. Yasu heard their talks and comes inside talking about how excited he is.

Zoro is fighting Kamado and with thief interfering, Kamado injured Zoro’s shoulder with his sickle, but Zoro used the sickle as his third sword and with one of the nest Onigiri Slash I have seen so far in the whole series he defeats Kamado. Zoro fainted because of the injury and thief leaves with his sword.

One Piece Episode 935 Release Date

Episode 935 will release on 2 August 2020. A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 935 Preview And Spoilers

A 40-second preview of the next episode has been released which showed that Luffy is trying to elevate his ability for his final fight against Kaido.

Zoro will learn about some interesting truth about the woman he just saved and in next episode, we might also see the core of the incident that happened 20 years ago.


One Piece Episode 935 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of One Piece on Crunchyroll for free and if you have a paid subscription you can watch the episode without advertisements. We request you to watch the anime from legit sources only as it will help the creators.

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