One Piece Episode 938 Release Date, Recap, Review, & Spoilers (Where to Watch)

One Piece Episode 938 Release Date

One Piece Episode 938 Release Date, Recap, Review, & Spoilers (Where to Watch): Old man Hyogoro is a badass isn’t he? And finally, I can say that Toei Animation has redeemed itself from that disastrous Whole Cake Arc because Wano Arc has been one of the best arcs of One Piece ever. Enough Action, Enough Story, and decent pacing of the arc have regained the love and trust of the fans again for this series. And what a hero Tonoyasu is. Manga reader already knew what a hero he is but now anime fans will also know what a legend he truly is. This episode like all the other One Piece episodes was action-packed, emotional, and was really gripping.

One Piece Episode 937 Recap

Old man Hyogoro knocked one of the henchmen out with the use of his Haki. Everyone is surprised and Luffy is too. He says that if Luffy is trying to do this he can help him. But using Haki was a bit too much work for his body as he felt exhausted after using it just once. Luffy carries him on his back and starts fighting the second henchman. He told Luffy that they call it Ryou and not Haki and told him how to use it, Luffy was unable to control it at first and the Queen orders everyone to attack him at once. Back with Chopper, Big Mom is really hungry and they are just hurrying towards the capital. Back at Ebisu Town Tonoyasu told them whole story what really happened and told everyone that they were able to get allies back them up and he is going on some work, when Tonoyasu left Robin and Sanji asked Shinobu who is Tonoyasu and she told him that they don’t know who he really is. Back at the battlefield, Luffy is still unable to use Haki as he wants.

In Ebisu, Town Tonoyasu is helping every town people and it is revealed that Otoko is Tonoyasu’s daughter and Tonoyasu is the town’s hero. Back in the prison it is finally night and everyone is taking a break from the fight, Luffy says that he will continue this again. Hyogo asks him why he wants to fight against Kaido and Luffy uses his Conqueror Haki to make every guard unconscious and then told Hyogoro that he will beat all the four emperors and will become the King Of Pirates and when Luffy mentioned Kinemon’s name in the chat Hyogoro was surprised that how does Luffy knows that name and then Raizo came with Caribou and told Hyogoro everything. Luffy is angry with him but when Cariou convinces Luffy that he is changed he allows him to get along. Hyogo starts crying in happiness when he realizes that his last 20 years were not waste and he can avenge Oden now. He is ready to rebel with everyone.

One Piece Episode 938 Release Date

Episode 936 will release on 23 August 2020. A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 938 Preview And Spoilers

A 40-second preview of the next episode has been released and the next episode is going to shook you down to your core and will leave you in tears. Without spoiling anything just wait for the next episode and enjoy the preview.

One Piece Episode 938 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of One Piece on Crunchyroll for free and if you have a paid subscription you can watch the episode without advertisements. We request you to watch the anime from legit sources only as it will help the creators.

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