One Piece Episode 940 Release Date, Recap, Review, Spoilers, & Updates (Where to Watch)

One Piece

Why is One Piece so slow all of a sudden. The pacing was so good a few episodes ago, but now it is slow. The episode was really good nonetheless. It was such a heavy episode. The animation was good, The music was amazing, it’s just the pacing that was a bit problematic.

One Piece Episode 939 Recap

We see Toko running while laughing and crying. While Zoro, Brook, and Kiyoko are chasing them. Zoro catches her and tells her to stop as her life is in danger, but she started running again after she tells him that Tonoyasu is her father. In the capital we see everyone crying because Komurasaki is dead. The public funeral is taking place. Fukurokuju told Orochi via den-den mushi that they will execute Tonoyasu when he reaches there. Orochi is really happy about it. In the prison, Queen is broadcasting the funeral to see Komurasaki one last time.

Tonoyasu is walking towards the execution panel and the soldiers tie him to the post and raise the post so that everyone can see it. We see a flashback glimpse of Oden. Back at Ebisu town, straw hats are running towards the capital to save Tonoyasu. There is a live broadcast of Tonoyasu and all his villagers are laughing while looking at it. Shinobu and Kanjuro realize something and told everyone that Tonoyasu is a fake name. Back at Bakura Town Kinemon is searching for Ashura when his eyes caught the broadcast of the execution and he is shocked. At the prison, Old Man Hyogoro sees Tonoyasu and he is shocked too.

One Piece Recap & Spoiler

It was revealed that Tonoyasu was once a Daimyo who served with Oden in the past and his real name is Shimotsuki Yasuie. Everyone of Oden’s men was surprised as Yasu is completely changed and doesn’t resemble his past self even a bit. Everyone in the capital also realizes this and asks for the execution to be stopped. Yasu is happy as everyone still remembers him. We see a flashback of Yasu in his younger days. He is the Daimyo of Hakumai and is leading a big army.

He has a good relation with Oden and Oden told him that he got kicked out of the castle and he told Yasu that everyone is saying that Yasu will be the Shogun. Yasu motivates Oden and told him to not give in to such silly talks. Oden told him that he will rather go to the see and isolation policy is just so bad. Yasu told him to say everything after he becomes a Samurai. Back to the present Yasu is at the execution stand and tells everyone that Orochi won’t let him go. Meanwhile, Toko is still running towards the execution point. Tonoyasu told everyone that he is not Ushimoto Kozo and everyone from Ebisu Town is raiding Flower Capital to save their hero.

One Piece Episode 940 Release Date

Episode 940 will release on August 30, 2020, at 8:30 AM (JST). A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 940 Preview And Spoilers

A 40-second preview of the next episode has been released and the next episode will also be a roller coaster for sure. Without spoiling anything just wait for the next episode and enjoy the preview.


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