One Piece Episode 941 Release Date, Recap, Review, Spoilers, & Updates (Where to Watch)

One Piece Episode 941 Release Date

One Piece Episode 941 Release Date: Episode 940 revealed one of the darkest reveals in One Piece history ever. The episode was a complete roller-coaster. After weeks and weeks of the build we finally got the payoff and what a heartbreaking payoff it was. Fans who have read the manga knew this moment was going to come, but they still couldn’t control their emotions. This moment already was so heartbreaking in the manga, but the music in the anime just deepened the sorrow. This episode had a decent pace and didn’t feel extended much, but this inconsistency can really hurt the show in the long run. The show is going to complete 1000 episodes soon and unless they do a filler arc, the pacing will remain like this only.

One Piece Episode 940 Recap

The episode started with the announcement of Tonoyasu’s death as an offering to Komurasaki. Tonoyasu starts talking and cursed Orochi for what he did to his Wano. Everyone in the flower capital is looking at Tonoyasu, meanwhile Ashura is looking for Holdem when he sees Tonoyasu and is shocked. Tonnoyasu tells everyone that it has been 20 years and he was feeling bad for the Kozuki clan so he made the flyers for fun and it doesn’t mean anything. Kinemon and Dogstorm find Ashura. Yasuie told everyone how Orochi tricked everyone and took the seat of Shogun. And how Kaido got in the way of their retaliation. He had to hide in Ebisu town and wanted to do something with his life so he made the flyer.

Yasuie Saved The Plan

Yasuie lied again telling everyone that it was all in Orochi’s mind and none of the captured people are rebels. Orochi reaches the execution point and is very angry. Yasuie told Orochi that he can never be a Shogun and Kaido is enjoying all of this. Meanwhile, Chopper and the gang are also going towards the capital. And Kinemon realizes that Yasuie is doing all this to save their plan which was exposed. And he will sacrifice himself to keep the plan alive. Meanwhile, Toko and Zoro are running towards the execution point. Orochi shoots Yasuie and the executioner orders everyone to shoot Yasuie and countless bullets hit Yasuie at once.

The Sad Truth Of Ebisu Town

We get a flashback where Yasuie has tied up all the Oden’s followers. He told them that they should get an education and learn basic manners. Because when Oden will become the Shogun, he will need them at his side, and if they are mannerless it will ruin his reputation. And all of them should be the best Samurai in the land of Wano. Cut to present and Tonoyasu sees Toko running towards him. Yasuie apologizes to Toko. The firing stops and everyone from Ebisu Town including Toko are laughing. Zoro shouts in the fury that what is wrong with them. Hiyori told Zoro and Brook that they are crying. As people from Ebisu town always smile and can’t show any other expressions. And it was all because Orochi and Kaido brought a devil fruit named SMILE.

One Piece Episode 941 Release Date

Episode 940 will release on  13 September 2020, at 8:30 AM (JST). A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 941 Preview

A 40-second preview of the next episode has been released.

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