Leaked: OnePlus 8T could support super-fast 65W Fast Charging

The OnePlus 8 series recently launched by OnePlus in April with support for 30W fast cable charging despite primary support for 30W remote charging. 

Also, at present, it looks like it can hit 65 watts with the OnePlus 8T, a report offers. A line spill in the design mode app in the Android 11 beta adaptation provides some pieces of information.

OnePlus 8T

A couple of days ago, OnePlus reported a beta adaptation of Android 11 on the first day of its release for the OnePlus 8 fix. 

As pointed out by XDADevelopers, a Twitter user quickly discovered a crucial phrase in the building’s mode. 

This application is mainly presented on each OnePlus device to test equipment.

Presentation with ONEPLUS 8T?

The application has a line with the slogan “Super Wrap Charger,” which is probably an error. Also, there is a notice of a 65-watt fast charge, suggesting that OnePlus may test the model with it. 

This council also coordinates the OnePlus 65W charger, which has recently been confirmed by TUV Rheinland.

Even though this application is commonly tricky for buyers to see, it will not prevent engineers and fans from scanning the delicacies inside. 

There is no doubt that OnePlus can introduce this item in the upcoming OnePlus 8T, which is similar to Warp Charge 30T in OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition.

Regarding the 65W itself, it is not unknown to us. Oppo, who is OnePlus’ sister, introduced these return lines. 

The 65W Super VOOC 2.0 is the fastest charging response for cell phones using 10V to 6.5A charging technique.


The resources and the factories are already shared by the OnePlus to the companies so that there would be no issues in adopting this technology. 

Be that as it may, such a rapid innovation is related to overheating and long-term battery damage.

OnePlus 8T

However, Oppo used a response using the dual-cell innovation, which is now present in Oppo Find X2 Pro. 

OnePlus may well use this strategy to overcome heating issues despite the cooling frame inside the phone.

OnePlus 8T Colors-

Besides, the application also had the slogan “Ice Blue” along with different now accessible shades. 

The aforementioned recommends that the OnePlus 8 piece be able to get another shading alternative later, even though we don’t know which model will get it.

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