Otherside Picnic Release Date, Preview, Plot, Cast, Trailer- Where To Watch? (Updated)

otherside picnic

Otherside Picnic Release Date: So, another light novel is getting an anime adaptation. Otherside Picnic is based on a yuri light novel series of the same name written by Iori Miyazawa. Hayakawa Publishing has released four-volume since 2017. A manga adaptation by Eita Mizuno came out in 2018. It is an urban horror/thriller some horror elements similar to Made in Abyss? But it all depends on how well they pull the horror off. But the main genre of the Otherside Picnic is Yuri. Fans were really excited when the announcement of the anime adaptation was made.

Otherside Picnic

You can read the synopsis on the official site of the anime. The story revolves around a girl named Sorawo Kamikoshi. She navigates through a place she calls Otherside. She is rescued by  Toriko Nishina when she was paralyzed by an unknown creature. They both go back to Japan, at Ōmiya City, Saitama. Both of them became good friends and now they have to explore and survive in this unknown world where real ghost stories and dangerous beings like Kunekune exist. For research purposes and for-profit, both of them will have to survive through all of this.

If you like science fiction and yuri you will definitely love it. And if we are talking about horror, it will really depend on how the makers will adapt it. Because, if the makers can adapt the novel pretty well you will some good horror context in the anime. So it can be a hit and miss with horror fans but we will have to wait for anime to find that out.

Otherside Picnic Release Date

On Saturday it was revealed that the anime will come out in January 2021. The official twitter account of the anime tweeted that more information regarding the anime will be revealed on Saturday at 12:00 JST. (8:30 AM IST). So, keep an eye here at our website as we will update you as soon as we will get some information.

Otherside Picnic Cast and Staff

It was previously announced that Takuya Sati(Steins Gate) will direct the anime and LIDEN FILMS will look onto the scripts. Character design will be handled by Ayumi Nishibata and Kazutaka Ema will be in charge of creature design. Masahiro Goto is the editor and Takeshi Watanabe will compose the music. Hiroki Matsumoto will handle the art direction.


Yumiri Hanamori will voice Sarao Kamikoshi and Ai Kayano will be Torko Nishina. More cast members will be announced on Saturday and we will update you as soon as something is revealed.

Otherside Picnic Preview and Trailer

As of now only the first look of the anime has been revealed. But it is expected that we will get a proper trailer or at least a teaser on the official twitter account of the anime on Saturday. Ther are a lot of things that can be revealed on Saturday, so you can trust us as we will update it here as soon as something will be revealed.

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