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Overgeared Chapter 33 Out; Spoilers, Release Date and Plot

Overgeared Chapter 33

Overgeared Chapter 33 Out; Spoilers, Release Date and Plot: Overgeared manhwa is getting good audience attention in the last few days. Last year Team Argo announced that they are working on a remake of Overgeared novel. The newer version of the manhwa is set more towards the light novel than the older make of Overgeared

And earlier this year they released the first chapter of the manhwa making it an instant hit. The novel was already famous between fans and getting a manhwa remake made all its fans excited. Some people are saying that Overgeared will take over Solo Levelling in the terms of popularity in the coming days ad with the attention and ratings the manhwa is getting it might not be far-fetched. With its 33rd chapter just out a week ago and chapter 34 due tomorrow lets see what is happening.

Overgeared Plot

The story is set up in an advanced world, where a virtual reality massively-multiplayer online game known as ‘Satisfy’ is launched by the world’s best scientist. And our main protagonist Shin Youngwoo (Username: Grid) is the player from the BETA version of the game. After spending some time in the game he develops an inferiority complex, becomes selfish, and gets jealous easily.

The reason for this is the misfortune that has followed him everywhere he goes. He was in debt, got bullied regularly. He was in debt because he was doing an S+ rank quest in the game for a month. After completing the quest he goes onto the second stage where he got the Book of Pagma and got transformed into a hidden legendary class named ‘Pagma Descendants’, which is a hidden blacksmith class. The story of our protagonist starts from there.

Chapter 33 Recap

There is always a fight in the Yatan Church of Winston. So NPCs of Winston makes a party to destroy the branch of the church, but suddenly a user came out of nowhere and destroys everyone. Meanwhile,  Shin Youngwoo is trying to make a legendary weapon and after many tries, he finally succeeds in making one. He names the sword ‘The sword of self-transcendence’ and he sells the sword to Winston NPCs for 220k gold which is close to 200 million won. He tries to go to his parents to tell them that he is out of debt, but he got to know that his family is now in debt due to reasons that will be disclosed.

Chapter 34 Spoilers and Predictions

According to the spoilers, the debt is revealed to be 900 million won, which is a huge amount. What will Shin do to get his family out of his debt? Will he make another weapon or will he try something else? Will he enter the game again? Many things are left to be answered. But if you follow the novel you know what will happen but as a manhwa fan, many exciting things are waiting for you. The next chapter will be out late today or early tomorrow. With every new chapter coming out on Saturday.

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