Oxford University Succeeded: Coronavirus Vaccine Is Almost Ready

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Oxford University Succeeded: Some researchers in the United States and Britain have told the news agency Reuters that ‘The initial findings of the vaccine for the coronavirus at Oxford University are promising. 

The researchers tried the vaccine on a group of six monkeys and found that it was working. It has been told that ‘Now the trial of this vaccine is going on humans. 

Also, some other scientists will have the vaccine reviewed in the coming days.  The UK’s drug maker AZN.L announced last month that it was working with researchers from the Oxford Vaccine Group, and the Jenner Institute to work on the coronavirus vaccine is introduced.

Oxford University Succeeded: Coronavirus Vaccine Is Almost Ready

Trials on monkeys

Oxford University Succeeded
Oxford University Succeeded

Researchers have reported that they were treated before giving massive doses of coronavirus to six monkeys.  We found that antibodies developed in 14 days in the body of some monkeys, and some took 28 days.

According to the researchers, “After exposure to the coronavirus, the vaccine protected the monkeys’ lungs from harm and prevented the virus from forming and growing its copies in the body. But the virus still appeared active in the nose. “

Doctor Stephen Evans, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that ‘the results that have come after research on monkeys are certainly good news.’ 

“It was a big hurdle for the Oxford vaccine, which they have overcome very well,” he said.

Chances of being successful?

Oxford University Succeeded
Oxford University Succeeded

In the process of developing the vaccine, it is considered very important to succeed in the monkeys.  But according to information from scientists, many vaccines that can protect the monkeys in the lab, ultimately fail to protect humans.

Professor Evans says, “One of the good things, in this case, is that vaccines that don’t work, instead of giving protection, often make the disease worse. 

A theoretical development of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine Worry will undoubtedly remain, and finding no contrary evidence in this study is very encouraging.

Researchers have reported that by May 13, nearly a thousand people who volunteered for this research had been vaccinated as a trial. 

Researchers hope to reach some definite conclusions in the next month.

Work continues in many other places.

Oxford University Succeeded
Oxford University Succeeded

Some other countries of the world are also undergoing trials for coronavirus vaccine, which have reached the stage of human trials. 

These include MRNA.O of Moderna Company, PFE.N of Fizer Company, 22UAy.F of BioN. Tech Company, and 6185.HK Vaccine of China’s Casino so Biologics Company. 

Globally, more than 100 vaccines are in the works to fight the coronavirus.

But the biggest challenge before those who have prepared the vaccine for this virus, which has infected more than 40 lakh people and killed more than three lakh people, is that if the vaccine is made, then how much quantity of its dose is prepared? Will be

Generally, it can take up to 10 years to develop an effective vaccine. But given the rapid pace of the epidemic and the number of deaths, significant researchers are trying to create the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

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