Parking Guide for Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Voting Integrity Conference Livestream from Pennsylvania- Election Rally

A Voting Integrity Conference was organised at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday,19th March. The Voting Integrity Conference was sponsored by a few organisations including Conservatives For Election Integrity PAC and The America Project. The event featured a line-up of high-profile, right-wing speakers including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Senator Doug Mastriano and Karen Taylor among others. Here, we present a Parking Guide for Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The voting integrity event had a relatively low profile with no major media coverage or prominent conservative figures. The crowd was pro-Trump and echoed a “Mastriano for Governor” tagline. All attendees were made to sign a petition to decertify the 2020 election results of Pennsylvania.

A Facebook post for the event read, “Come Listen to Doug Mastriano and Mike Lindell speak in Gettysburg! Our Fantastic Guest Speakers will be Mike Lindell, Senator Doug Mastriano, Karen Taylor & Toni Shoppe, Seth Kessel, Dr Frank and Phil Waldron.”

Parking Guide for Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Parking Guide for Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center is located at 2634 Emmitsburg Rd, Gettysburg, PA, US 17325. If you are planning to drive to the location, refer to the following detailed parking guide:

  • There is an on-site parking facility at the location.
  • The hotel has its own parking lot, which is free of cost for guests.
  • There are several off-site parking facilities available in the area, at a distance from the hotel.
  • Master’s parking lot is located in Gettysburg College at Constitution Avenue. You can park your cars there at a nominal hourly fee.

Mike Lindell continues to claim Biden won by fraud

At the Voting Integrity Conference on 19 March at the Gettysburg Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center, MyPillow CEO and one of the staunchest supporters of Trump, still hasn’t been able to swallow the Republican defeat in the 2020 Presidential elections and continued to claim that Joe Biden won by fraud. Lindell even accused FoxNews of being part of a corporate and media-driven conspiracy against investigating fraud claims and went on to say that he had “evidence” of the thousands of votes stolen from Trump even in states like California where the Democrats dominate.

Parking guide for Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

State Senator Doug Mastriano, a front running candidate for governor also stuck by a similar narrative and recounted his long-running, unproven case for election fraud on Saturday. Mastriano said that the “swamp rose up behind his back” in an attempt to thwart him and now he faces opposition from Democrats, the news media as well as Republican Senate candidates.


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