Parking Guide for Zion Christian Fellowship Powell, Ohio

Parking Guide for Zion Christian Fellowship Powell, Ohio

Zion is affiliated with Bethel Church in Redding CA in their network of churches. This church believes in and practices letting the Holy Spirit lead, guide and direct our services. They spend time waiting on the Spirit. They move in and encourage the use of the gifts of the Spirit and make room for them in their services as the Spirit leads. At every service, they pray for the sick and have seen many get wonderfully healed. They have a full children’s ministry and a prophetic team available to give encouraging words at every service.

Zion Christian Fellowship states its passion as “to transform and equip people to supernaturally demonstrate God’s kingdom in their sphere of influence.”

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Zion Christian Fellowship strives towards the following:

  • A hammer and a chisel. Some churches use people to carve out a great church. Zion uses church to carve out a better society.
  • A terrorist training camp to destroy the works of the devil. That’s right, Zion’s on offence, not defence.
  • Mission: “On earth as it is in heaven.” If it doesn’t exist in heaven (sickness, disease, spiritual bondage, poverty, sin) then it should not be a way of life at Zion.
  • Zion firmly believes that God is not just trying to get you into Heaven when you die; He is trying to get you into Heaven before you die. “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”—it’s available now through Jesus, and you can live in it if you want to.
  • Zion Church is the opposite of the NFL. The NFL practices all week to play on Sundays. Zion practices on Sunday to play all week.
  • This church has moved from gathering around a sermon to gathering around His Presence.
  •  Zion believes that transformed people transform cities and influence nations. All of Zion’s efforts and environments go into producing people who are strong salt, bright light and leaven.
  • Zion does not focus on gather, care and keep. They focus on gather, train and send.
  • Passion is contagious (so is doubt and unbelief). Zion’s environments are full of passion, celebration, and testimonies. People in love can’t hide it.

Location of Zion Christian Fellowship Powell, Ohio

Parking Guide for Zion Christian Fellowship Powell, Ohio

The exact address of Zion Christian Fellowship Powell, Ohio is 10405 Sawmill Rd, Powell, OH 43065, USA.

Parking Guide for Zion Christian Fellowship Powell, Ohio

There are designated parking slots for vehicles on the Zion Christian Fellowship’s premises. The Church’s staff usually avail these.  It is currently unknown whether these parking slots are available to the common masses and visitors of this church. You can glean further information regarding parking guidelines and also any queries you might have by contacting the church at this phone number: +1 614-793-8900.

One may derive information regarding parking in relation to any upcoming events at the Zion Christian Fellowship from the designated website for the event. You can even contact the Church personally with regard to any queries.


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