Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth, Bio, Career, Books, and more

Pastor Greg Locke was raised in the Donelson neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor Greg Locke is the founder and lead pastor of the Global Vision Bible Church.

In his website’s words, “He is a highly sought-after speaker for church conferences and political events.” He has a large social media following.

He is also a “revivalist.” He spent the first decade of his post-seminary life as an evangelist and preached in over 48 states and 16 Nations.

Pastor Lock preached his first sermon at the age of 16 and has delivered 15000 more sermons and counting.

Pastor Greg Locke’s education

He also has a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a master’s degree in revival history from Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina, and the theological School of New England in Rhode Island, Connecticut. He also recently released his number one selling book called “This Means War: We Will Not Surrender Through Silence.”  

Pastor Greg Locke’s family

Locke and his wife Taisha also have six children. Together, they work hand in hand in the ministry and help out in the church.

When Locke divorced his first wife, Melissa, it started up a lot of controversies because Christianity frowns upon divorce. This led to his message media questioning his integrity.

Pastor Greg Locke’s Career

Locke is also the host of a top-rated broadcast called “On Point with Pastor Greg Locke.” He also has his own publishing company called Locke Publishing Media, through which he published all of his various books.

Locke has various books that are some of the best sellers on Amazon and other websites.

Here are some of his best books:

  • This Means War: We Will Not Surrender Through Silence

This book is considered one of his best books since it has a lot of biblical commentary and incredible views that Pastor Greg Locke delivers.

The book has 2000 reviews on Amazon that are almost all five stars rated. This book talks about his pivotal issues, such as his faith, family, and political beliefs.

The book is an urgent call to action by a controversial social media firebrand. It is endorsed by Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, Graham Allen, and Roger Stone.

This book is not the typical kind of biblical text because it has some political ideologies mixed in it and an underlying tone of not staying silent.

This book brings the high call of Christ to where faith, family, and politics intersect. If you read the reviews, it is clear that this book is liked by many.

Some of these reviews read as follows.

“In a world that is filled with lies, confusion, and immorality, this book serves as a reminder that the Bible is the only source we can trust. It has stood the test of time for over 6000 years, and it is worth fighting for.”

“Everyone in America needs to read this book!

Greg Locke is very bold and well-spoken. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and I have a lot of respect for him and his biblical views on the current state of the world we live in. Buy the book and share it or buy a copy for a friend!”

There are some negative reviews of this book as well. You will get a more well-versed and neutral understanding of this topic by reading this.

“Pastor Greg Locke presents ideas antithetical to Jesus’s message of love and acceptance. His book seems more political than theological and presents a kind of anti-empathy – a refusal to have compassion for those other than us, a refusal to listen to those different than us, a refusal to serve those who are most in need because he has deemed them timid and weak.”

  • Weapons of Our Warfare: Unleashing the Power of the Armor of God

Locke’s most recent book is called. This book also has excellent reviews and is a mix of political and theological ideologies.

It mixes political ideologies, protecting ourselves with the power and Armour of God we can win in warfare.

I think Pastor Greg Locke can explain it best, “Putting on the armor of God has become a battle cry in the Church, but most Christians have no clue how to put it on in a way that unleashes its supernatural, Holy Spirit power.

You might have the armor memorized, but what good are words made lifeless by the lack of understanding or powerless by the lack of action?

In Weapons of Our Warfare, firebrand Pastor Greg Locke plumbs the depths of this divine arsenal in fresh new ways that will transform your life and equip you to defeat the enemy on every front.”

Most of the reviews of this book are positive, so I will only show some of the critical ones. This book has over 500 reviews on Amazon and an average of 5 stars.

“After embarrassing himself, his family, and his church on CNN, Greg Locke is at it again with this (probably ghostwritten) work of astounding intellectual shallowness. No wonder he couldn’t find a legitimate publisher that was willing to touch it.”

Pastor Greg Locke’s net worth:

Pastor Greg Locke’s net worth is approximately 129 million dollars. His wealth comes from various sources, such as events and conferences in which he is a speaker. His books are also top-rated and contribute a lot to his wealth. He also has launched a clothing line for men’s and women’s casual wear.

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