Press - Patent Issued For Novel Use Of Water

Patent Issued For Novel Use Of Water

An invention for a METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HYDROMECHANICALLY DISINTEGRATING ORGANIC MATTER by Santa Clara County resident Cameron Colson has been granted a patent.

Pat#7032848 Hydro Mechanical Obliteration A wide range of operations, including land care, agriculture, soil restoration, pollution prevention, sustainability, fire, aquaculture, and grounds maintenance, can use the organic process known as SM (H M O)SM. It can also be used in other disciplines, including departments of transportation, public works, waste management, integrated pest management (IPM), siviculture, and stewardship.


The invention pertains to a method and apparatus for disposing of trash in general, and specifically to a method and apparatus for hydromechanically dissolving organic material, prior to industrial site cleanup using CAMCO’s recently patented H M O process.

This instrument represents a paradigm shift for activities involving grassland vegetation control and fire avoidance. It accomplishes the same tasks as traditional vegetation-cutting instruments and mechanisms, but more effectively and with better outcomes while using less time, work, and performing steps.

During the fire season, the equipment works wonders for controlling weeds that can catch fire and for clearing a safe zone around buildings and utilities.

The truth that this greatest alternative technology makes possible for environmental groups’ campaign to end the usage of herbicides excites them.

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