6 Places to watch fireworks in Philadelphia this 4th of July

Places to watch fireworks in Philadelphia this 4th of July

On July 4, in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, Americans are ready to celebrate their Independence Day. On July 4 it will be celebrated together with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, at the Trade Center of the Nation. The country will witness one of the most unimaginable fireworks in the history of America.

As the 4th of July has arrived, there would not be the usual celebration like the way it used to be, but still, you guys don’t have to worry at this point because Donald Trump has arranged something great to celebrate this occasion. 

Understanding the COVID-19 threat, authorities will also distribute 30,000 face masks, but no one would have to wear them. It is your personal choice whether you aspire to wear a mask or not.

As we know, Fireworks are the show stopper of this Grand event and, I am writing this article to inform you guys about Places to watch fireworks in Philadelphia this 4th of July.

fireworks in Philadelphia 4th july

6 places to watch fireworks in Philadelphia this 4th of July

1. Benjamin Franklin Parkway

There is no doubt that Benjamin Franklin Parkway is the best place to see the Fourth of July fireworks in Philadelphia. The entire road will be closed from Logan Circle to Okinawa if you don’t have enough space to sit, then you can go and find a place for yourself on the 22nd Street baseball field.

2. Belmont Plateau

Situated at 1800 Belmont Mansion Drive, this suggested piece of Fairmount Park is ideal for taking shades and getting a good view of firecrackers and enjoy this. beautiful day

3. Schuylkill banks boardwalk

Starting from Locust Street and notably towards South Street Bridge, the boardwalk Schuylkill is located near the Schuylkill River to the waterway, and its views are outstanding.

4. Rooftop Lounge

Located right on the boulevard, at the Logan Hotel’s highest level, the Rooftop Lounge is ideal for watching firecrackers with some drink nearby. 

The other good part is that space is limited in the evenings, so it is not perfect if you are expecting to go somewhere else.

5. Sister Cities Park

Located at 210 N. 18th St., this small green land is an incredible place to sit by the cold spring and watch the firecrackers on July 4. However, finding a place can be dangerous for all groups, so be sure to try a cover for seating.

6. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

In case you come from a suburb, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive is the perfect place to stop and enjoy firecrackers. In addition to the fireworks, you get perspectives on the city skyline, excellent showroom, and Boathouse Row.


fireworks in Philadelphia 4th julyI hope you have enjoyed this article regarding places to watch fireworks in Philadelphia this 4th of July. And we also wish our every American reader a peaceful 4th of July. Stay Home and stay safe; if anything new happens, world wire will notify you.

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