Pooja Bhatt’s Tweet Started Controversy; Check Kangana Ranaut and Sona Mohapatra Reaction

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt’s Tweet Started Controversy: The feud about Nepotism has been going on in the Bollywood industry has no doubt taken a massive turn with many manes coming up. When Pooja Bhatt was being accused of coming from the Bhatt family, she finally spoke about it in one of her tweets.
On Wednesday, Pooja Bhatt said that “Even #Sadak2 gives birth to a brand new talent in the form of @Suniljeet72. A music teacher from Chandigarh came to our office with no prior appointment, a dream, a harmonium & a brilliant song called ‘Ishq Kamaal’ that was absorbed into the film on first hearing by my father.”

She also recently said how her father’s banners had launched many actors like Kangana Ranaut, John Abraham, and lyricist Neelesh Mishra. To Pooja Bhatt’s tweet singer Sona Mohapatra and team, Kangana Ranaut also tweeted, let us see what they had to say.

Sona Mohapatra said, “That is so nice, Pooja. Your banner has been known to spot new talent for sure. Would mean so much more if these musicians had a stake in their music’s success? Everyone ends up doing the favor of the ‘opportunity’ & this is an endless cycle in #Bollywood. Zero concepts of IP.” This is a thread of two-three tweets that Sona Mohapatra added you could see the thread

Team Kangana Ranaut said, “Dear @PoojaB1972 , #AnuragBasu had keen eyes to spot Kangana’s talent, everyone knows Mukesh Bhatt does not like to pay artists, to get talented people for free is a favor many studios do on favorites but that doesn’t give your father a license to throw chappals at her call her mad and humiliate her. He also announced her “tragic end,” also why was he so invested in Sushant Singh Rajput’s and Rhea’s relationship? Why did he announce his end too, some of the questions you must ask him”.

Team Kangana also lashed at Pooja Bhatt when she said that Kangana is only known for her acting in Gangster, team Kangana Ranaut tweeted to this saying in a tweet, “For your info @PoojaB1972 Kangana had also auditioned for Pokiri, alongside Gangster & got selected for that as well. Pokiri went on to become an all-time blockbuster, so your thinking that because of Gangster, she is who she is, is not working. Water finds it’s level.”

This huge feud is taking a turn, and what reactions will people have to this? Who would you side towards in this debate? What will be the result of this, Nepotism has been in the industry for a while, and after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, many truths about the industry are coming up. We’ll have to wait for Pooja Bhatt to react again on these tweets by Sona Mohapatra and Team Kangana Ranaut.

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