PremierStocks.Tv (PMSI) Announces Its Latest Stock Alert – Breaking News From Manhattan Scientifics (OTCBB: MHTX) Promotes A New Technology To Eliminate False Positive Cancer Analysis

After a New York Times article highlighted the potential value of Senior Scientific, LLC’s and Manhattan Scientifics’ early cancer detection technology, (PMSI) is following Manhattan Scientifics (OTCBB: MHTX).

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A recent article published in the New York Times titled “Proprone to Error: Early Steps to Find Cancer” highlighted Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. (OTCBB: MHTX) as having the potential value of Senior Scientific, LLC’s early cancer detection technology licensed to Manhattan Scientifics. A study cited in the story highlighted the widespread problem of incorrect breast cancer diagnosis, citing 90,000 women who either did not have the disease or were treated incorrectly due to pathologist errors.

Senior Scientific, LLC, and a team of scientists led by Edward R. Flynn, Ph.D. developed this early cancer detection technology and Manhattan Scientifics acquired the exclusive right to commercialize it.

Cancer-seeking nanotechnology is used in the early stages of testing as a nonradiation diagnostic technology. It is possible to detect a cancerous breast tumor with 100,000 malignant cells by using magnetic, nano-sized cancer-targeting antibodies that bind exclusively to cancer cells. There are currently 100 million malignant cells required to detect a tumor in the gold-standard Mammogram. As a result of the new experimentation technique, breast cancer can be detected three years earlier than it would have been possible using mammograms alone.

As Manhattan Scientifics searches for a partner to help move the technology to the bedside, it has engaged former FDA executive management in talks aimed at accelerating the process of bringing the product to market, and is screening the medical device and biotechnology industries.

Senior Scientific LLC technology is now featured on a dedicated website at, along with the website.

It is a technology that aims to eliminate false positives. The cancer tests have produced objective results as opposed to subjective reports, according to Manhattan’s CEO Manny Tsoupanarias.

He continued, “We are moving forward quickly, despite the fact that we have a long way to go.” “We are able to detect cancer cells at their earliest stage of growth, years before current detection systems.” As Mr. Tsoupanarias continued, “We are currently cash-flow positive and we have already shown that we can “partner” with Fortune 1000 companies to develop nanomedicine products.” Several types of cancers can be treated differently with Senior Scientific’s technology, including breast, ovarian, pancreatic, skin, cervical, brain (glioblastoma), prostate, colon, bladder and more.” According to the New York Times story, “This technology has the potential to change how cancer is diagnosed.”

With a number of grants from the National Institutes of Health as well as a grant from the Department of Defense, Senior Scientific has been an early leader in the emerging field of nanomedicine. The company has patents and patent applications that protect its technology.

About Manhattan Scientifics
As a leading information age company focused on nanomedicine, Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. (OTCBB: MHTX) has a large market cap.

Manhattan Scientifics, based in New Mexico, New York, and Montreal, develops and markets products that use patents, knowledge, and intellectual property owned by the company to create profit for its shareholders.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the former Soviet Union have developed super strong, ultra light-weight “nanostructured” metals which will be manufactured and marketed by Manhattan Scientifics through an exclusive, perpetual U.S. license to the family of patents. Manhattan Scientifics offers a variety of products online at and

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