President Trump Gold coin “Second Presidential Term” 2021 – 2025

Erstwhile president Mr. Trump has recently launched a commemorative gold coin in salutation to his upcoming ‘second presidential term of 2021-25’. The coin is a collectible souvenir that is available in gold and silver variants. One face of the coin depicts Mr.Trump’s side profile along with the legend ‘second presidential term 2021-2025’, and the other bears the U.S presidential seal on it. 

Variants of the commemorative coin

The coin has three variants.

  • The first, the gold variant, has one face depicting Mr.Trump’s side profile with ‘in God, we trust’ stamped on both sides of it along with the legend ‘second presidential term 2021-2025’. The other face bears the U.S presidential seal on it.
  • The second variant is a replica of the first but in silver.
  • The third variant has Mr. Trump’s side profile in silver while the background is gold with the legend, ‘Keep America great.’  The other face of this variant bears the famed eagle shield bearing Mr. Trump’s autograph in silver with a gold background.

Cost of the commemorative coin

  • As on the QAnon website

The coin is available on the QAnon website for $58.89 for the gold and silver variants.

This variant is now available at the discounted rate of $29.99 for a limited period. The gold and silver variant retails for $99.98. 

  • As on Amazon

All variants of the commemorative coin are also available on Amazon but are currently marked unavailable for sale. 

  • As on eBay

The gold variant of the coin retails for $8.45. The silver variant retails for $3.20. 

The ideology behind the launch of the coin

According to an ABC-Ipsos poll, President Biden’s job approval ratings depict a declining trend across a range of significant issues, namely crime, gun violence, and economic recovery. 

Republicans, on the other hand, now sport a historic 10-point advantage when Americans are questioned as to which party they prefer to control Congress.

In the past 20 years, CNBC and NBC surveys have never registered a double-digit Republican advantage on congressional preference, with the largest lead ever being 4 pints for the GOP.

Voters seem to be looking toward Republican candidates. If midterm elections were held today, 51 percent of registered voters said they would support the Republican candidate. 41 percent said they would back the Democrats. That’s the most considerable margin in favor of Republicans in the poll’s history that began in November 1981. 

Democratic strategists continue to insist things will improve by next year. But the numbers illustrate the kind of risk Democrats face in losing their majorities in the House and Senate. 

If the election were tomorrow, it would be an absolute unmitigated disaster for the Democrats,” said Jay Campbell, partner at Hart Research Associates and the Democratic pollster for the survey.

In light of the events above, it is no wonder that the Republicans are counting their chickens way before they’ve hatched. 

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