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About Princess Blanding

Blanding is an African American criminal justice reform activist and politician running for governor of Virginia in 2021 as the liberation party of Virginia candidate. She is a single LGBTQ+ mother based in the middle Peninsula with roots in the rural working class. She remained in Virginia since 2004 but spent the early part of her life in Newburgh, a town in New York. As a 1-year-old, she was taken and by her paternal aunt. This made her one of 16 siblings across households. Her biological parents continued to love and support her, which instilled in her the importance of family and education. She had overcome early struggles with reading and then excelled academically and graduated early from high school.

She enrolled at Morgan State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and became the first in her immediate family to graduate college. Blanding had aspired to become a pediatrician to help children. She loved children because she knew how hard it was for them to grow up in a good environment. After college, she also went on to earn her master’s degree in k-12 education and supervision. She also earned her Ed.S in educational leadership. She then served as a middle school science teacher and an assistant principal at the elementary and high school levels.

Her Family

Princess Blanding has three daughters, namely Zakaria, Tionna, and Leah. She also had a brother, Marcus-David Peters. He was an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University and was a talented biology teacher at the Essex school in Tappahannock, Virginia, where Blanding served as assistant principal. Unfortunately, peters were murdered by a Richmond police officer while he was unarmed and undressed, In a case of police brutality.

Business and Politics

This incident had sparked a sense of justice in Princess, and she founded Justice and Reformation. This is a leading advocacy organization for mental health care, public safety, and protecting the most vulnerable communities from police violence. For over two and half years, justice and reformation and supporting grassroots organizations and community members have pleaded for local and state legislators to prioritize the needs and concerns of the marginalized, mainly black and brown communities. She claims that there were countless meetings with the elected officials, and promises were made but then broken.

This is where she was inspired to make a change in her communities and a large part of Virginia. She has remained a reformation and Justice warrior for black and brown communities all around Virginia. She has spoken out about police violence against these marginalized communities countless times and continues to do so. Her main motto is that liberation is a human right, not a privilege. She is, as of now, a part of the Liberation Party.

Political Ideology

As mentioned before, she is a prominent figure in public safety and criminal justice reform. And she aims to reverse the impacts of systemic racism and segregation of black and marginalized communities. She is also enthusiastic about environmental justice and plans to invest in equitable and clean energy that slows global warming and protects Virginia’s future.

Net worth

Princess’s net worth has not been revealed yet. It is believed to be somewhere in the hundreds of thousands because she is still earning as a teacher and assistant principal.

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