Private Sector To Be Allowed To Build Rockets & Can Research in India: ISRO India

Private Sector To Be Allowed To Build Rockets

ISRO Chairman Dr. Sivan on Friday approached the press and discussed the future of ISRO. Mr. Sivan also stated that the higher authorities had permitted the private firms to built Rockets. Soon private Ltd, companies can also build rockets.

Dr. Sivan stated that now onwards, even private companies can explore the space by creating rockets and satellites. The chief also stated that the ISRO will decrease their activity and would pay attention to advanced research and development, and they would also be getting engage in interplanetary missions.

Private Sector To Be Allowed To Build Rockets

Dr. Sivan said ten space missions, including Gagayan’s mission to send 3 Indians satellite to space by 2022, Chandrayan-3, were postponed due to COVID-19. 

360 gadgets have indicated that ISRO is dependent on the private sector – the MSMB concerning its elements, lockdown, and evacuation of labor migrants can also be a factor for postponement.

One of the major benefits to the Government in this announcement is that the recently built National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) offers privately-owned enterprises a chance to work head to head along with the Government.

It will similarly support the advancement and guide the private companies in space projects by improving the strategies and would provide a good sanctioned post.

These changes will allow ISRO to focus more on new tasks, new advances, research missions, and the space program. A group of planetary missions will be available to the private sector because of this announcement. 

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