Priya Juneja Death Reason: Who is Priya Juneja? & Wiki, Net Worth, & Career (Pics)

Who is Priya Juneja?

Priya Juneja Death Reason: Priya Juneja, a TV Anchor committed suicide today. The reports are coming that she was in depression because of no work. She was dealing with the worst year or time of her year and that is the reason why she committed suicide. Well, so far we can’t say what happened but that is something which is coming up. We are expecting that Priya Juneja’s death investigation will reveal the real cause of death.

Who is Priya Juneja?

A lot of you might not know but Priya Juneja was a small screen TV actor. She was the anchor on Haryanvi YouTube Channel. Her family friends are confirming that Priya was in depression due to no work due to COVID-19. She has two sisters, mother, and father in the family. She used to live in Welcome Colony, East Delhi.

Priya Juneja’s Family

Priya Juneja’s father’s name is Pawan Kumar Juneja, & her mother’s name is Anita Juneja. She has two sisters Ishika & Preeti. Overall, we are trying to connect with the family members but this is the worst time. Priya Juneja’s death is shocking news because she was doing fine. Overall, the investigation is on and the police are trying to get to the point and reason why she took this huge step.

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