Entertainment - Anime - Psycho Pass movie is ready to release in India? Psycho Pass Release Date, Trailer, & Cast

Psycho Pass movie is ready to release in India? Psycho Pass Release Date, Trailer, & Cast

Psycho-Pass Movie

Psycho-Pass movie to release in India: A big news for all the Indian anime fans out there. Netflix India has listed Psycho-Pass The Movie on its schedule and is going to release it really soon. The film originally released on January 9, 2015, in Japnese theaters and was a major hit. The film did an amazing business and won various awards.

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The Psycho-Pass film is based on the anime itself. The movie was loved by the fans and fans hoped for season 3 after the movie. But season 3 was announced on March 8, 2019, almost 4 years after the movie. The movie was more vibrant than the anime so it was something new to the fans and fans really loved the new vibes the movie showed and it was a breath of fresh air. The movie was only criticized because of the English it was in the movie.

Psycho-Pass Movie Plot

Netflix has released the synopsis of the movie, so you can read it there. The movie plot is similar to season 1 of the anime. The SEAUn and Japanese Government are exporting the Sybil System to Shambala Float during the Civil War as an experiment. The experiment is to spread the system throughout the world. And because of Sibyl’s rule, Shambala Float got the peace and safety they always wanted but it was only temporary.

SEAUn sends its terrorists to Japan who can slip through Sibyl System and attack Japan from inside. And to investigate all of this Akane Tsunemori must go to Shambala Float. But the investigation will not be that easy as there are threats everywhere and a single wrong step can result in death. And are the things as simple as they look or there is another mystery lying in front of them that they are not able to see?

Psycho-Pass Movie Netflix India Streaming Date

The movie will stream on Netflix India from October 1, 2020. It is another step towards the right direction as with the ban of all the illegal anime streaming sites we need a streaming partner that will release anime on a regular basis. Netflix India is doing that but the titles on Netflix India are still very limited. So, it might be the start of something good. Netflix India is already streaming the first two seasons of the anime in both English and Japanese.

Psycho-Pass Movie Cast

  • Akane Tsunemori Voiced By Kana Hanazawa(Japanese) Kate Oxley(English)
  • Shinya Kogami Voiced By Tomokazu Seki(Japanese) Robert McCollum(English)
  • Robert McCollum Voiced By Kenji Nojima(Japanese) Josh Grelle(English)
  • Mika Shimotsuki Voiced By Ayane Sakura(Japanese) Cherami Leigh(English)
  • Yayoi Kunizuka Voiced By Shizuka Itō(Japanese) Lindsay Seidel(English)

The movie is written by Makoto Fukami and Gen Urobuchi. With Kōji Yamamoto, Akitoshi Mori, Masaya Saitou, Fumi Morihiro, and Kenji Tobori producing the movie. The music is done by Yugo Kanno and Eiji Arai handled the cinematography.

Psycho-Pass Movie Preview


The official trailer of the movie was released in 2016, with the original release date of the anime. You can watch and enjoy the trailer again.

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