Pure TalkUSA APN Settings 2024 – Android & iPhone

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings 2024 - Android & iPhone

Are you looking for the Pure TalkUSA APN settings? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

Pure Talk is an MNVO service provider headquartered in Covington. It uses the AT&T Mobility network.

Recently, I helped my dad fix his phone’s internet. His phone was using Pure Talk service, but the internet was slow and sometimes didn’t work at all.

I found out that the problem was with something called APN settings. APN settings are like a key for the phone to connect to the internet properly.

I looked up how to fix it and found some steps to change the APN settings on his phone.

I followed the instructions, entering the right details into the phone’s settings. This included things like the APN name and a few other technical details that the Pure Talk service needs to work right.

After I changed the settings and restarted his phone, the internet started working much better. It was a simple fix, but it made a big difference.

In this article, I have shared the best Pure TalkUSA APN settings that worked for me and will surely work for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What are Pure TalkUSA APN Settings?


Pure TalkUSA is a telecommunications network company that operates using AT&T network infrastructure.

You may have switched to Pure Talk after reading Pure Talk vs Patriot Mobile, and now you may be facing internet issues. They might be due to incorrect APN settings.

APN stands for “Access Point Name” settings, which are configurations that enable your mobile device to connect to the internet and use mobile data services.

It acts as a gateway between 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and another computer networks.

You need the correct APN settings to enjoy the Pure Talk internet. It offers unlimited talk, text, and data plans.

  • $20.00 monthly unlimited talk and text with 3 GB data and 2 GB Hotspot.
  • $25.00 monthly unlimited talk and text with 5 GB data and 2 GB Hotspot
  • $30.00 monthly unlimited talk and text with 10 GB data and 5 GB Hotspot
  • $35.00 monthly unlimited talk and text with 15 GB data and 5 GB Hotspot
  • $45.00 monthly unlimited talk and text with 25 GB data and 5 GB Hotspot
  • $55.00 monthly unlimited talk, text, and data with 20 GB Hotspot
  • $60.00 monthly unlimited talk, text, and data with 30 GB Hotspot

How do I find APN settings to Change Them?

Find APN Settings

For your phone to communicate properly with your internet service provider (ISP) server, you will need to enter the Pure TalkUSA APN Settings or Pure Talk MMS Settings to get a seamless connection.

These settings, including the access point name (APN), are essential for data and multimedia messaging to work properly.

It is very easy to change the APN settings on Android and iPhone by following these steps:

  • For most Android phones, you can access the APN menu in Settings > Advanced > Mobile networks > Access point name.
  • For iPhone, open “Settings,” then go to “Cellular.” Tap on “Cellular Data Options” and select “Cellular Network” or “Mobile Data Network.” Here, you can view or change your APN settings.

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings 2024

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings 2024

If you switch to Pure TalkUSA and choose to bring your own device, you may need to change your APN settings.

Use the Access Point Name (APN) information below to configure MMS and data settings for Pure TalkUSA on your Android, iPhone and other devices.

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings for Android

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings for Android

Here are the Pure Talk USA APN settings for Android Devices.

Name PureTalk
Username leave blank
Password leave blank
Proxy leave blank
Port leave blank
Server leave blank
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication type none
APN type
APN protocol IPv4
Bearer Unspecified
Mobile virtual network operator none
  • Save and restart your android phone.

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings for iPhone and iOS

Pure TalkUSA APN Settings for iPhone and iOS

Here are the Pure Talk USA APN settings for iPhone and iOS devices.

Username: [Leave blank]
Password: [Leave blank]

Pure TalkUSA MMS settings for iPhone

A common method of delivering multimedia messages to and from a mobile phone over a cellular network is Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

It includes sending photos, videos, and other types of multimedia content.

To access the MMS functionality, here are the MMS settings for your iPhone.

Username [Leave blank]
Password [Leave blank]
MMS Proxy
MMS Max Message Size 1048576

Pure TalkUSA APN settings for Windows

Pure TalkUSA APN settings for Windows

Pure TalkUSA supports all Windows phones. You must set up the correct APN settings on your phone if you want to use this company’s wireless services.

Here are the steps to set up a new PureTalk APN settings on a Windows Phone:

  • Press the App List button on your phone and Navigate to Settings
  • Navigate to the Network & Wireless category after selecting Settings.
  • Click on Cellular and SIM now.
  • Select the Cellular option.
  • Choose the SIM card you are currently using here.
  • On your SIM, select Properties and then Internet APN.
  • To add an Internet APN, select it.
  • Now, enter the following APN settings.
Profile Name Pure Talk
APN att.mvno
User name Blank
Password Blank
Type of sign-in info Blank
IP type IPv4
Type your mobile operator here
Proxy server (URL)
Proxy port 80
  • Save and Restart your device.

Pure TalkUSA APN settings for BlackBerry

Enter the following settings if you are using a Blackberry phone with PureTalk to access the internet and MMS.

APN att.mvno
Port 80
MMS proxy
MMS proxy port 80

Pure TalkUSA 5G APN settings 2024

Here are the Pure Talk APN configurations to access 5G internet speed on PureTalk Network.

Name Pure Talk
APN att.mvno
Proxy Not Set
Port Not Set
Username Not Set
Password Not Set
Server Not Set
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC Default
MNC Default
Authentication Type Not Set
APN type
APN protocol IPv4
APN roaming protocol IPv4
Enable/disable APN APN Enabled
Bearer Unspecified
MVNO type None
MVNO Value Not set

Pure TalkUSA Customer care

Here is the Pure TalkUSA customer care information.

  • Call customer support: 1-877-820-7873
  • Call Tech Support: 1-800-768-4360
  • Call: 611 (PureTalk phones only)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.puretalkusa.com

Troubleshoot Pure TalkUSA APN settings


Problems with MMS and data functionalities could occur, particularly if the APN settings aren’t set up correctly. There are numerous reasons why Pure TalkUSA data problems could be occurring for you.

Let’s understand the common problems:

  • Incorrect APN settings – You must have the correct APN for Pure Talk to use data on Pure TalkUSA. Your data connectivity may be affected by an incorrect APN, but this is easily fixed by entering the correct settings.
  • Software or firmware problems – If the software or firmware on your device is out-of-date or contains a bug, it may affect your data connection. To make sure your device is running the most recent software version, check for updates.
  • Network congestion – Bad data service may result from an excessive number of users attempting to access the network. To obtain a better connection, try using your data somewhere else or wait until the network load has decreased.
  • Inadequate coverage – One of the main causes of data problems in your area can be inadequate network coverage. You may have to travel to a place with better coverage for service strength. Visit the Pure TalkUSA website to find the coverage in your region.


What are APN Settings?

Access Point Name (APN) represents the network or carrier that your tablet or phone uses to access the internet. Generally, the APN settings are automatically configured, so you don’t need to change them. Sometimes, it is essential to manually change them to enter the right settings to access the internet.

What Carrier Does PureTalk Use?

Pure TalkUSA makes use of the AT&T network. One of the biggest standard service providers in the US, AT&T focuses on providing some of the best network access services along with a variety of other services.

Does Pure TalkUSA Use 5G?

You’ll have access to the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage and, where available, 5G due to PureTalk’s operation on the AT&T network.

What are MCC and MNC values for Pure Talk?

You can use 4G or 5G Pure TalkUSA internet on your phone with ease if you enter (mobile country code) MCC – 310 and mobile network code (MNC) – 410 in your Pure TalkUSA APN settings.

What Happens If You Go Over Data On PureTalk?

Every plan has a limit on high-speed data (up to 5GB). Your data speed is lowered to 256 kbps, or almost 3G speeds after the high-speed data limit is reached and continues that way until your monthly plan renews.

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