Qurbaan Hua 3 August 2020 Written Episode Updates Watch Online: Chahat to Marry Neel?

Qurbaan Hua 3 August 2020 Written Episode Updates: The episode begins with Baleq asking Viyas jee to stop the marriage as it is the best option for her family. When Neel and Chahat arrive at home, Baleq tell them that they can’t get married as it will be having a bad effect on their baby. Shockingly, Neel enquired what happened to which Mami shows the child who is unable to hold a toy. Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 3, 2020 Episode Written Updates

Qurbaan Hua Today’s Written Episode Update

While everyone gets worried, Chahat remembers what her father has explained to her that it is due to the reason that the child’s mom suffered some internal injuries while the child was in the womb and can recover. She then realizes that Saraswati died due to internal injury and her father is innocent.

While mama Ji goes to receive Neel’s parcel, Vyas Ji is in a dilemma if the wedding should be called off or not and asks for a sign. While Chahat wishes the marriage not to get cancelled, Neel wishes the marriage to get cancelled. Neel tells Vyas Ji that family safety is more important so he will take Chahat somewhere else. Neel asks Chahat to accompany him while mama Ji brings the parcel containing the bridal wear that Saraswati got made for Neel’s lover.

As Vyas Ji was looking for a solution, dupatta flies and goes over Chahat and Vyas Ji tells that the marriage will happen for sure. Everyone gets shocked while Mami asks for the Kundali dosh. Vyas Ji assures for a solution and the marriage.

Qurbaan Hua 3 August 2020 Written Episode Updates

Meanwhile, Ghazala and Akram bring Dr Baig forcefully to the house. While Dr Baig tells that he has to leave for Devprayag to prove his innocence, Ghazala says that people are finding him like crazy and he needs to be alive. When he doesn’t stop, Ghazala threatens him by putting a knife on Akram’s neck and saying that she will kill both him and herself. While trying to move her away, his hand accidentally gets in the socket and gives him a shock.

On the other hand, Chahat gets worried about him. Chahat sees Neel in her room who presents her a thorny gift. Spraying sanitizer on him, she asks him to keep a distance. She tells him that the baby’s condition indicates that Saraswati suffered internal injuries.

Not believing Chahat, Neel says that he is losing his patience and holds her hand to take her away.  While she declares that his behavior is testing her patience and she won’t leave, he says he won’t let her stay. The next morning, she hears Neel talking to his friend saying that the marriage won’t happen as Vyas Ji hasn’t come up with a solution. He then asks her to pack her bags and leave.

She wears the bridal outfit prepared by her father and thinks that she needs to stay in the house to prove her father innocent. She heads downstairs shocking everyone. Mamiji says that she shouldn’t have worn the dress as Vyas Ji is still to find a solution. Neels gets surprised to see Chahat, however, asks everyone to relax. Meanwhile, Vyas Ji enters telling that he has found the solution and the episode ends.

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