Rachel Maddow – Bio, Age, Partner, Daughter, Education, Net Worth

Rachel Maddow - Bio, Age, Partner, Daughter, Education, Net Worth

This article will provide all the information about Rachel Maddow, including her Salary, Net worth, Partner, Daughter, and more.

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Rachel Maddow Biography and Early Life

American Television host Rachel Anne is a Liberal Political Commentator and is serving as an anchor for MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show. She is also a correspondent for Cable Network’s Special events.

Rachel was Born on April 1, 1973, in California’s Castro Valley. Her Father, Robert B Maddow, served as a US Air Force Captain till 1972. Later, he started working as a Lawyer For East Bay Municipal Utility District. Rachel’s Mother, Elaine, was a school program administrator. She also has an older brother named David.

Maddow joined MSNBC in 2008 and is currently a host of the “Rachel Maddow Show.” Rachel Maddow recently signed a contract with MSNBC which will Keep Maddow on MSNBC till 2024 with a $30 million Annual Salary.

Rachel Maddow Age, Height, Weight

Maddow was born on 1st April 1973 And is now 50. She weighs approximately 65kg (143 lbs) and is around 5 feet 10 inches (1.8 m) tall.

Rachel Maddow Partner

Rachel Maddow Partner
Credit- Today

Maddow’s long-time partner Susan Mikula is known as an artist and photographer. Susan produces her photographs using older technologies, and her work has been featured in several galleries across the United States.

When she first met Susan, Rachel worked on her doctoral dissertation in 1999. She hired Rachel to work on her yard, and they went on a date.

Recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rachel said she had skin cancer, underwent surgery to treat the illness, and noted her partner’s support.

Rachel Maddow Daughter and Her Photo

Maddow has been dating Susan Mikula since 1999. She is openly a lesbian, and as per the latest update, she has no child. Rachel has been spotted with kids sometimes, but there is no information about a child owned by her.

During an interview with The New York Times in 2017, Maddow said, “I don’t have any interest in having children. I’m not sure why I would want to do that. I’m very happy with my life as it is.”

She also said having children is a “huge responsibility” and that she is unsure she is up to the task. She has said, “I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a parent. It seems like a really big job.”

Rachel Maddow Education

Maddow was in Castro Valley High School and completed her graduation from there. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Stanford University in 1994. She also earned a John Gardner Fellowship Award while at Graduation.

Maddow received the Rhodes Scholarship and began her post-graduation at Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1995. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy in politics at Oxford University in 2001.

Rachel Maddow Net Worth

Rachel Maddow Net Worth

As of June 2023, Rachel Maddow’s Net Worth is around $35 million. Rachel Maddow has multiple sources of money, but most of her net worth comes from her salary as a host of MSNBC’s weekly show “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

American television anchor Maddow has worked for MSNBC since August 2008. She is also known for her exceptional Liberal Political Commentary. While working at MSNBC, Rachel also serves as a co-anchor for the cable network’s special event.

Rachel Maddow Salary and Earnings

Maddow has been serving for MSNBC since 2008. References say her salary was $7 million until recently she signed a contract with MSNBC in August 2021. The latest contract will Keep Maddow on MSNBC till 2024 with $30 million in Annual Salary.

Maddow has also received multiple Emmy Awards for her Anchoring and a Grammy Award for her book in 2021. She is also known for being an author and has authored remarkable books. Rachel earned a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for her Book Blowout, published in 2019. She earned several other awards, including the John Steinbeck Award, Gracie Allen Award, and more.

Rachel Maddow Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

Maddow has disclosed that her Family is very Catholic. She was raised in a community in which her mother described as Conservative.

Maddow’s paternal grandfather was from Jews family; their original surname was “Medvedof.” They arrived from the Russian Empire in the United States. Her paternal grandmother was of Dutch descent.

Maddow’s Canadian mother was originally from Newfoundland and Labrador and had English and Irish ancestry. She holds American Nationality.


Rachel Maddow Susan Mikula age difference?

Rachel was born in 1973, whereas Susan’s birth year is 1958. They have around 15 years of age difference.

Why did Rachel Maddow leave MSNBC?

According to a reference, Maddow said she had several projects in the pipeline outside of her nightly duties that, include a Ben Stiller and Lorne Michaels helmed the adaptation of her 2018 podcast series, Bag Man, about Spiro Agnew’s Nixon-era bribery scandal. Rachel said she needed time and space to work on them.

Does Rachel Maddow have a child?

As per the latest update, she has no child. She is openly lesbian and has been dating Susan Mikula since 1999.

What is Rachel Maddow salary on MSNBC?

Her salary was $7 million until recently she signed a contract with MSNBC in August 2021. The latest contract will Keep Maddow on MSNBC till 2024 with $30 million in Annual Salary.

What is Rachel Maddow’s Net Worth?

Rachel Maddow’s Net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $35 million.

Rachel Maddow’s age?

Maddow was born on 1st April 1973; as of June 2023, she is now 50.

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