Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Status Video Download; Latest Video Status For FB & WhatsApp 2022

Raksha Bandhan whatsapp status video Download and its importance

Raksha Bandhan: India is the land of diversity, being the most populous country in the world, India manages to take care of every community that lives here. India is the only country where more than 15 communities resist and live in peace. When I speak of society I do speak about its cultures, lifestyle, and religious practices. Being a democratic country, the people here have various rights, and the right to celebrate cultural activities is one of India’s rights. Rakshabandhan 2022 Date & Time

Rasha Bandhan in India is one of the purest festivals celebrated by the people living here. Tying Rakhi to their brother’s wrist is nothing but an assurance of safety that a brother should provide to his sister. Indian mythology has several tales on this occasion. Take a look at some of the stories, which makes this festival most genuine. Rakshabandhan 2022 Mhurat, & Puja Vidhi

Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Status Video Download

It is believed that tying a rakhi on Shravani Purnima or Sankranti date cures terrible problems. Maharishi Durvasa enacted Rakshabandhan for the prevention of planetary vision by the presiding goddess of Shravan.

Rakshabandhan gives a strong base of love in the sacred relationship between brother and sister. This festival celebrated on Shravan Purnima day is also of historical, social, religious, and national importance.

On this day, the sister ties silk thread on her brother’s wrist and wishes for her longevity, life, and safety. Bounded by this sister’s affection, the brother is determined to protect her.

The mythology behind tying Raksha Sutra

The Tale Of Queen Indrani And The Demon King

On the basis of several Hindu Mythology Books, there was a massive war going on between the gods and the demons, once they decided to end this war and solve their disputes with peace. The king of Heaven Lord Indra urged his wife to tie Rakhi to the demon king and ask for protection in return. Indrani tied Rakhi to the demon king, which resulted in peace. Since then, Raksha Bandhan is known as the symbol of Protection.

The Tale Of Queen Karmavati and King Humayun

There are several stories that prove that Raksha Bandhan is the only occasion celebrated by every community residing in India. Queen Karmavati of Mewar tied Rakhi to Humayun, who was once a great Mughal Emperor to assure her and her’s kingdom safety. After this, the king accepted the Rakhi and assured her Protection.

The Tale Of Alexander’s wife and king Puru

One of the stories also mentions that Alexander’s wife tied a rakhi to Alexander’s enemy, Puru, and made him her brother and promised not to kill Alexander during the war. Puru gave life to Alexander during the war, honoring Rakhi bound in his hand and the promise given to his sister.

The Tale of King Raj Singh and Princess of Rupnagar

For the sake of Rakhi, King Raj Singh saved the princess from Rupnagar and rescued her from the clutches of King Aurangzeb.


However, the generality of Rakshabandhan is much more. Rakhi is being tied to protect the country, protect the environment, protect religion, protect interests, etc.

Legend of Rakshabandhan

First story

In the medieval era, there was a struggle between the Rajputs and the Muslims. Rani Karnavati was the widow of the king of Chittor. When Rani Karnavati came to know that Bahadur Shah was about to attack Mewar, she panicked. Rani Karnavati was unable to fight Bahadur Shah, and seeing no way to protect her subjects, Rani sent a rakhi to Humayun and requested him to protect him and his kingdom. Humayun pledged to protect Rani Karnavati as her sister after getting a Rakhi. Humayun took care of Rakhi and reached Mewar, fighting against Bahadur Shah, on behalf of Mewar, to protect Karnavati and her kingdom.

 Second tale

This story is associated with the Mahabharata period. In the Mahabharata period, when Shri Krishna killed Shishupala with his Sudarshan Chakra. When Sudarshan Chakra came back to Shri Krishna, at that time, Lord Krishna’s finger was cut, and blood started flowing from Lord Krishna’s finger. Seeing this, Draupadi tore the edge of her pallu and tied it to Krishnaji’s finger. About whom Krishnaji had pledged to protect Draupadi from him. To repay this debt, Shri Krishna kept shame on him while draining Draupadi by Dushasan. Since then, the custom of celebrating Rakshabandhan is going on.

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is tied to the sister or brother’s house as per their convenience. Most of the sisters go to the brother to tie a rakhi. The family relationship is strengthened by tying Rakhi to their brother-in-law, nephew, and niece as well. Take a bath early in the morning and wear beautiful clothes and prepare a plate of Raksha Bandhan.

Items to be kept on Raksha Bandhan plate

Nowadays there is a lot of practice of armchair rakhi, jhumka rakhi, and many other fancy rakhis. Know the choice of Rakhi from a sister-in-law. You can also buy silver ash, which is available in all types of price ranges.

To celebrate the occasion, keep the Chopra with the roli and rice. If the Chopra is not there, put the roli in a small bowl. So that after adding water to it, it does not spread in the plate. Keep in mind when adding water in the roli, water should not be excessive.

  • Akshat (rice) should be kept in a good amount. Rice with detachment is considered inauspicious.
  • Keep wet coconut with layers. If the coconut is dry, stir it. The sound should be heard when shaking. This is called ringing coconut. This coconut is auspicious. If you do not hear a sound when you move, do not take such coconut.

Method of tying Rakhi

  • While tying the Rakhi, the face of the sister should be in the west, and the face of the brother should be in the east. It is considered auspicious.
  • Pick up the Akshat (rice) with the thumb and index finger and paste it on the tilak. If you stick three, five, seven, or eleven rice in it, it is considered auspicious.
  • Tie a rakhi on the wrist of the right hand of the brother. The thread of the Rakhi should not be too tight or too loose.
  • Put a note on the coconut with roll, place a note (according to reverence), and give it to the brother’s hand. The Brother should be holding coconut with both hands.
  • Feed your brother some sweets with your hand.
  • After this, the sister should touch the feet of his brother, as mentioned in the rituals.
  • Brother gives gifts, money, etc. to his sister. and feeds her sweets with his hands and promises to always keep her happy and prosperous.

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I know the country’s situation is not suitable enough to travel, I don’t know when the pandemic will end, but I know that the love of a sister for his brother will never end. World-Wire wishes you all a Happy and prosperous Raksha Bandhan. Stay safe guys, if anything new occurs world-wire will notify you.

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