Entertainment - REality Z Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Will There Be A Season 2?

REality Z Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Will There Be A Season 2?

REality Z Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Will There Be A Season 2: Based on British ministries named ‘Dead Set’ this Zombie based horror series became the latest sensation on Netflix recently. It’s the first season premiered on the 10th of June, 2020 with 10 episodes, and it guarantees that if you watch the first episode, your eyes will stay glued till you complete the 10th one! 

In this enthralling Zombie based show, the background is that a few contestants are shooting for a reality show called Olympus. As a result, they are confined. What follows will make your mind lose sense! Apparently, it turns out that Rio de Janeiro is under a zombie attack! Consequently, the cast is forced to stay indoors and expected to remain calm in such unprecedented scenarios. 

REality Z Season 2

Not only this, we also see a tussle of sorts between the director of the show who wants to take the advantage that everyone’s confined and move on with the shooting, and the producer who is courageous and wants to fight off the monsters! Interesting right? If you haven’t watched it yet, you haven’t seen what is the only possible worse apocalypse that 2020 might have to offer! 

Will Reality Z get another season? 

If you have thoroughly binged through the first season, don’t blame yourself because you’re not alone. The season has 10 episodes of 30 mins each, that means you’d be done in 5 hours wanting more! But it really is too early to say that there will be another season of Reality Z. 

After a season has come in, Netflix waits for a few months to announce its second season, so you curious and intrigued fans will have to wait for a few more months to know if season 2 is a possibility or not.

Reality Z: Chances of another season?

Reality Z is a Brazilian series based on ‘Dead Set’ from Britain for its viewers all over the world, so Welcome to a globalized world! However, as we speak, Dead Set only has 5 episodes in total, that is half of what Reality Z has! 

 Reality Z

But don’t worry, in what comes as magnificent news for those of you who are religiously waiting for another season, Reality Z’s director Claudio Torres has said that he wants the show to run on for many years to come! What’s more, he even said that he took the challenge of converting 5 episodes into something big, because he wanted a proper series at the disposal of fans. 

REality Z Season 2 Release Date

He also does not want the audience to lose Charlie’s vision for the show, it’s spirit and passion, humour and social critique. Meanwhile, he was extremely happy to be the first Mexican director to be given a chance to direct a show as fantastic as Reality Z on a platform like Netflix. 

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