Remarkable Organic Ecocover Mulch Mat Conserves Precious Water

A new organic product – the EcoCover mulch mat – is making water conservation in agriculture and horticulture easier and more cost-effective.

The mulch mats provided by EcoCover are compostable and provide a physical barrier to prevent weeds and solar radiation from damaging soil and plant roots.

Mulch mats from EcoCover are made from Kraft paper and newspaper, which provide a unique combination. As a physical barrier, used newspapers conserve moisture, reduce weeds, and shield soil and plant roots from solar radiation and extreme temperatures by removing them from the waste stream.

It has been proven that black and white newsprint, as well as color newsprint, does not harm plants or soil. In spite of regular newspaper pages with color photos mixed in with black and white newpaper pages, mulching with black and white pages does not introduce toxic chemicals to the soil.

EcoCover was recently granted organic certification by AgriQuality, a new Zealand government-owned firm that serves as the country’s premier organic certifier.

A mulch mat manufactured by EcoCover (NZ) Limited is environmentally beneficial, not neutral. It is the only product in the world that has been awarded the prestigious label “Environmental Choice New Zealand.”

EcoCover can conserve up to 82% of the water that penetrates the mat when it is laid down as mulch, which assists in conserving moisture in the root ball of new plants until they establish roots in adjacent landscapes.

Growers have become increasingly aware of the importance of water conservation. EcoCover reduces evaporation and can prevent up to 75% water loss due to evaporation, which is a significant improvement over the 10-50% results of other types of mulch.

In his remarks to EcoCover founder, Murray Cruickshank, “Water is a precious and increasingly scarce resource.” As the world population grows, nearly all environmental problems will only become worse. There will likely be a shortage of fresh water as one of the first effects, even if it is not necessarily the most noticeable. Water tables are shrinking. The demand for water is simply outpacing the supply. A new balance between supply and use of water needs to be established..”

Were replacing black plastic with EcoCover in a native New Zealand garden. Bark will be laid.

Using EcoCover mulch mats can benefit a wide range of environments, including pastures, turf, nurseries, domestic and commercial landscaping, forests, roadsides and urban footpaths.

By acting as a vapor barrier, EcoCover slows evaporation even under extreme heat, reducing watering requirements. With more moisture retained, cracking is less likely, and air and water move through the soil more effectively. As a result of moisture retention, new plantings will be less stressed during hot and cold conditions and less likely to suffer frost damage in winter.

Using EcoCover in conjunction with drip irrigation can significantly reduce water loss. Spray irrigation loses about a third of its water to evaporation and wind.

With EcoCover, you can control a wide variety of weeds, both annuals and perennials, and you will be able to control them more effectively than you can with herbicides. Due to the excellent ability of EcoCover mats to suppress and inhibit weed growth, certain chemicals and herbicide applications can be reduced or eliminated.

Biodegradation of EcoCover leaves no harmful residue or contaminants in the soil, while simultaneously enriching and feeding organic matter to the soil during biodegradation.

Through improved air and water movement, moist conditions, and promoting leaf litter development, EcoCover enhances agro-ecosystem health in a variety of ways. It also improves the pH balance in the soil to promote the growth of microorganisms and worms.

A manufacturing plant costs approximately US$1.4m delivered and is available for sale by EcoCover (NZ) Limited to interested parties who desire to benefit the environment through the use of our technology.

EcoCover manufacturing plant shipments outside of New Zealand will benefit reforestation, Cruikshank announced today.

As a result of every plant we sell internationally, he said, “we will donate $10,000 to a worthy organization that is dedicated to planting trees and restoring the environment.” “We’re going to donate a percentage of the plant’s cost back to the environment, to a worthy cause.”

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