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Rent A Girlfriend Episode 2 Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers

Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 2

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 2 Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers: A new fan favorite Waifu is here guys, and we just can not get enough of her. Chizuru Mizuhara is the new waifu that is gonna steal hearts of every weeb around here and we can’t help it. At least, I know that I am ready to get my heart crushed by her over and over and I won’t even complain.

Rent A Girlfriend

The first episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend got released a week ago and man what an episode it was. After so long an anime had made me laugh so hard instantly. I was laughing from the first scene itself, even though I have read the manga already. The cast was amazing and should I say perfect for each character. Sora Amamiya as Mizuhara is sooo good.  And now keeping all these things aside let’s see what actually happened in the first episode and why are fans are loving the anime so much.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 1 Recap

The first episode starts with Kazuya Kinoshita sulking as he just went through a breakup with his month-old girlfriend. Kazuya a desperate kid starts to go through alternatives and lands on a girlfriend renting app and rent a girlfriend. On the date, he finds Chizuru really cute and was happy with his date. But when he came back home and read the comments of other people saying that she is nice with everyone, he was again heartbroken and write a bad review for Chizuru.

Kazuya can’t overspend as his father won’t give him a single penny more but he decides to go on a date again to teach Chizuru a lesson. He insults Chizuru in open and she took Kazuya too the side and told her that she is just his rental girlfriend and he shouldn’t expect anything more from her and that he can’t blurt everything out in public. Kazuya was stunned due to sudden change in her behavior. He got a call saying that his grandma has fainted and he ran to the hospital and Chizuhara follows him as he already had some time left.

In the hospital, Kazuya said that Chizuru is his girlfriend and his grandma was so happy that he could not take it back. A sudden turn of events and  Chizuru grandmother was also in the same hospital and friends with Kazuya grandmother. Both of the grannies were so happy that their grandchildren are together. Chizuru and Kazuya decided that they will tell them later that they broke up and Kazuya promised that he will get a real girlfriend just as good as Chizuru and they both parted ways hoping they would never meet again. But, Next day they find out that they both are in the same school.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 2 Release Date

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 2 will release on 18 July 2020. A new episode will be released every Saturday if there is no delay.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 2 Spoilers

Well, if you have read the manga you will know what will happen from now on. But without spoiling something major we will tell you what will happen in the next episode.

Chizuru will ask Kazuya to not tell her secret to anyone and Kazuya will rent Chizuhara again(Expected) and their story will advance from there.

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