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Rie Mcclenny , Net-worth 2021, Husband, Height, Age and More

Rie Mcclenny

Rie Mcclenny, Net-worth 2021, Husband, Height, Age, and More: Rie McClenny rose to the new heights of fame amid this pandemic period. During this lockdown period, people around the world wanted to try different dishes and were experimenting everyday. After looking at this, the god of food shined their light on us and blessed us with Rie McClenny. Rie McClenny is a chef, youtube sensation and she is best knows as the Food Video producer for Buzzfeed. She is from Japan, a cultured country. Rie migrated to New York to attend culinary school. She currently resided in Los Angeles and is making a career out of her passion. Rie has worked in many restaurants throughout her life. And amid this lockdown, with everything shut down, she decides to show her skills to the whole world.

Rie McClenny Age

Rie McClenny was born in Japan on November 19, 1980. Currently, she is 40 years old and is living in Los Angeles. And if you haven’t figured it by now, she is a Scorpion.

Rie McClenny Career

She moved to Los Angeles after completing her culinary school in New York. She has worked in various big-name Los Angeles based restaurants like Rustic Canyon and A.O.C. Rie is a celebrity in her field and has been featured in some big culinary channels like Tasty Japan. She is a food producer for BuzzFeed tasty and she is also an amazing chef. She also has her own youtube channel with half a million followers. On her own channel, she posts her favorite recipes and also interacts with her fans. She has been featured in various reality shows like “Making It Big”, “I Draw You, Cook” and is currently working in a cooking-based show on the youtube channel Tasty.

Rie McClenny Husband And Family 

Rie McClenny is married to a Blair McClenny. Blair is a famous and talented American software engineer. Both of them have been together since 2018. And on March 19, 2020, Rie and Blair were blessed with their first child. His name is Hugo Mirai McClenny. Si, Rie is happily married and uses her husband’s last name. Her husband’s life is very private and nothing much has been disclosed about it yet. They both like to keep their private life private and doesn’t like anyone meddling much.

Rie Mcclenny Husband

There hasn’t been any information regarding her parents though. We know that she has a sister because of an Instagram post she posted.

Rie McClenny Height 

Rie McClenny stands tall at 5 ft 6 inches or 167 cm. She also loves working out and can also be called a fitness freak. She loves making healthy foods and is very fond of salad, which can be seen in many of her youtube videos.

Rie McClenny Net-Worth 

She has not personally told anyone about her salary. But according to the data on some sites, it has been revealed that BuzzFeed producers are paid 60k$ annually. Which makes her net worth around 500k$. Given her current rapid, we can say that it will grow.

Rie is a shy and lovely human being. Call it her Japanese culture, She treats everyone with utter respect and can be seen smiling always. She is one of the calmest and genuine people out there and we wish her all the very best for her future endeavors.

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