Risks & Opportunities Of Climate And Environmental Change Explored By Leading International Experts & Executives In New DVD/Web Program For Businesses.

A DVD and online presentation called Beyond The Line explains why and how companies throughout the world are using the dangers associated with climate change and environmental degradation to their advantage.

The Serious Nature-produced movie examines how to go beyond business as usual and succeed in the face of fundamental shifts that are already affecting industries everywhere. It demonstrates that there is a solid commercial justification for adopting pro-active environmental measures.

Beyond the Line was created to be used in seminars and workshops for businesses looking to succeed in the shift to a low-carbon, low-ecological footprint economy. Four portions of the movie and workshops—The Science of Climate Change and Ecosystem Degradation, Risks & Opportunities, Business Success Stories, and Critical Success Factors—can be seen independently or together.

General Electric, Marks & Spencer, Ikea, Marriott International, and other companies that are pushing the boundaries are highlighted in the movie, along with SMEs like Ecoigo, Green Clean, and Terracycle. Martin Schmidt, the co-founder of Serious Nature, said, “We at Serious Nature want to present business managers great case examples of organizations that have developed and gained from proactively embracing sustainable practices.”

Interviews with experts from the World Resources Institute, Forum for the Future, Carbon Disclosure Project, Environmental Defense Fund, and other groups that have successfully partnered with businesses to help them lower their environmental impacts and improve their business performance are also included in the film.

“Climate change is like the Internet for business; it appears one day, grows every year, and never goes away. You have to learn to generate money from it, or you’re going to get eaten for lunch,” says Paul Dickinson, Chief Executive of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

“The objective in 20 to 30 years time is a truly sustainable firm – low carbon, zero waste, closed loop, enabling every person that we touch have a better life,” stated Mike Barry, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Marks & Spencer, London.

For $19.95 for online access (download and streaming), or $39.95 for online access with the DVD, Beyond the Line is now available at www.beyond-the-line.org. On request, corporate pricing is offered. All earnings will be used to improve the Beyond The Line initiative and expand its internet dissemination.

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