Road trip from Denver to Las Vegas

Road Trip From Denver to Las Vegas

In this road trip guide, we have covered everything you may need to know about the road trip from Denver to Las Vegas, such as places to visit, travel routes, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Road trip from Denver to Las Vegas – Complete Guide

Road Trip From Denver to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the arid Mojave Desert in Clark County in the south of Nevada, near the borders of California and Arizona. The city’s neighboring environment is dominated by mountain ranges on all sides, desert vegetation, and some wildlife.

The Denver to Las Vegas road trip is a must-do for most Coloradans. This road trip offers one of the best routes in the southwest United States. On this journey, you can enjoy many things, from the stunning rocky mountains to natural monuments, old west towns, incredible national parks, vibrant cities, and more.

But there are many things that you should know before hitting the road. These include the best routes, places to stay during these road trips, and more.

Denver to Las Vegas – Distance and how long will it take to complete the journey?

A road trip from Denver to Las Vegas is a long way to drive. You will cross mountains and deserts, but this trip will be delightful and adventurous as you will see some of America’s most remarkable landscapes.

The road trip from Denver to Las Vegas is about 750 miles and will take 11 hours of non-stop driving. If you are moving from Denver during rush hour, you could take an extra one hour on top. Even if we assume you keep it down to 2 stops for gas or lunch or rest, you will need at least 12 hours and 30 minutes to make the journey.

That was about the road trip if you take no breaks and only drive, but the actual road trip would take at least two days.

However, if you want to have fun and enjoy the scenic beauty of America, we recommend you plan this road trip for at least three to four days.

Denver to Las Vegas Road Trip Map and Route

Road Trip From Denver to Las Vegas Map and Route

The one great route from Denver to Las Vegas is over the Rocky Mountains and across the Utah deserts. This route offers the fastest way to travel.

You can follow this route if you don’t want to see any specific sights along the way. The road trip starts from the I-70 out of Denver and heads west towards the Rocky Mountains. While crossing this rough mountain, you will pass through the popular Vail resort, White River National Forest, and Glenwood Springs before entering Grand Junction.

While moving on the same I-70, you will come across one stunning red rock area after another – Colorado National Monument, McCain Canyons, and Arches National Park which appear in the sequel before you arrive at Fishlake National Forest of Utah.

Next, travel to the I-15 south which will pass near Zion National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument after you pass the turning for the Valley of Fire State Park.

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Denver to Las Vegas By train

Denver to Las Vegas Train

There is no direct train from Denver to Las Vegas, but if you genuinely want to complete your journey via train, you can follow this route.

Start with the Amtrak California Zephyr, which will get you to Reno, Nevada. From here, you can take a bus to Las Vegas. The California Zephyr would also get you to Grand Junction, where you could get a plane to Las Vegas. Allegiant Airlines offers a reasonable rate but a limited schedule. 

You can also opt for different transportation to visit Las Vegas, like a bus or flight.

Denver to Las Vegas by bus

You can also travel from Denver to Las Vegas by bus. There are 52 direct buses per day and 367 direct buses per week from Denver to Las Vegas. 

Buses are a safe and reasonable option for traveling from Denver to Las Vegas as buses often offer routes that are harder to reach, even by train. The distance between the two cities is 785 miles. The journey takes around 17 hours, and the ticket price starts at 80 USD. During your bus trip, you will have 33 stopovers. Greyhound USA operates buses on this route.

Denver to Las Vegas by Flights

You can take a direct flight from Denver to Las Vegas. There are 72 direct flights per day and 506 flights per week operated by Boeing airlines.

Colorado Springs is an international flight center in Denver, and it’s easy to fly to Las Vegas. The distance between these towns can be covered in about 2 hours. Tickets regularly drop, but the average expense is roughly 150 USD. You can get the best prices starting from 55 USD.

Places to stop between Denver and Las Vegas

A road trip from Denver to Las Vegas is quite lengthy, and there are a lot of things to see. Below, we have shared some of the best stops to take between Denver and Las Vegas –

Vail, Colorado (652 miles to Vegas)

Vail, Colorado

Vail offers everything to travelers, from outdoor adventures and entertainment to shopping and dining. You can easily spend a week here, but we recommend you stay here only for a day or two.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort (591 Miles to Vegas)

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is a world-famous hot spring reservoir that offers several healing qualities. This is one of the best resorts to relax while driving on a long journey.

Palisade, Colorado (517 Miles to Vegas) 

Suppose you feel hungry and need a stop for lunch while driving from Denver to Las Vegas. You can visit Palisade. This city is famous for its vineyards and agricultural scene, perfect for having a picturesque meal.  

Arches National Park (453 Miles to Vegas)

Arches National Park

Arches National Park offers a sight of over 2,000 natural stone arches. If you reach here near sunset, you can have the picture of red rocks glowing.

Mystic Hot Springs of Monroe (348 Miles to Vegas) 

The Mystic Hot Springs has been an artistic spot for music lovers and artists. You can take a soak in the natural hot springs or check out the concert schedule to see a show.

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum (261 Miles to Vegas)

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum is an incredible place to visit if you are a history lover to learn more about Utah’s history. The museum shows items from the Fremont Indian village, including pottery, arrowheads, and baskets.

Cedar Breaks National Monument (204 Miles to Vegas)

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Situated over 10,000 feet tall, the Cedar Breaks National Monument offers an astonishing view of Utah’s landscape. Depending on when you visit, you can grab one of their several events, from the Wildflower Festival to their Star Parties.

Kolob Canyons Visitor Center (151 Miles to Vegas)

The Kolob Canyons range 5 miles of scenic road in Zion National Park. Whether you intend to hike or want a beautiful view, these glorious red canyons sit 2,000 feet tall. If you are hiking, look for the Larson Cabin in the Kolob Canyon wilderness.

Red Cliffs Recreation Area (133 Miles to Vegas)

Red Cliffs Recreation Area

If you wish for a hike near the end of your Denver to Las Vegas trip, you can visit the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. This area has incredible hikes that bring you to excellent dinosaur tracks and the Red Cliffs Anasazi Site.

Mesquite, Nevada (78 Miles to Vegas)

After a long road trip and over an hour to reach Vegas, you can make a quick stop in Mesquite to see Casablanca and the Virgin River. Both are great stops offering a relaxing environment.

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Things to see on a road trip from Denver to Las Vegas

What is the use of a road trip if you miss beautiful sights while driving? This road trip from Denver to Las Vegas provides mesmerizing views to see and adore.  

While there are so many to see, we have listed some of the best sights that you don’t want to miss –

  • The Rocky MountainsThis rough mountain has enormous gorges and snowy tops offering hiking paths and fresh air.
  • White River National Forest – This forest is covered with snow with huge spreads of natural wildlife that give you a picturesque view.
  • Hanging Lake – This lake provides a perfect picture spot. So if you are a selfie lover, you should not miss this place.
  • Glenwood Springs – After you cross Hanging lake, Glenwood welcomes you, which is a world-famous hot springs destination.
  • Grand Mesa Scenic Byway – This pathway runs south from I-70. This road offers a twist and turns drive. So it is a road for those who love a twisty drive with beautiful scenery.
  • Palisade wineries – You will find famous wine shops on the way as Colorado is an excellent wine province and is on the way from Denver to Vegas!
  • Arches National Park – This is one of the parks you don’t want to miss during your road trip from Denver to Las Vegas. It is one of the most impressive red rock national parks with distinct arch formations.
  • Canyonlands National Park – This is a large park with long hiking routes.
  • Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe – Mystic is a terrific hot natural spring in beautiful surroundings.
  • Bryce Canyon National Park – This park has a massive arena filled with people-like rocks at a high altitude.
  • Zion National Park – This National Park gives you glorious views down the valley.
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante – This is a vast area of forest with infinite sights to explore.
  • Grand Canyon – It is another destination. You can get to the North Rim and see the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.
  • Valley of Fire State Park – It is just outside Las Vegas and a fantastic place to see colorful sandstone layers.

Best time to go on a road trip from Denver to Las Vegas

You can plan this road trip any time of year as Vegas offers quite decent weather to allow visitors to see the place anytime they wish.

However, you need to understand that the desert of Utah can make your trip unpleasant in the winter as it gets very cold. Therefore, if you want to enjoy hiking, you should plan your trip between April to October.

Alternatively, if you enjoy skiing, you can plan your road trip from Denver to Las Vegas in winter. 

Utah in Winter

We suggest you bring some water, food, and blankets in the car whenever you plan to go. You may find yourself in a place with no network, and some areas in the journey can be very hot or cold, depending on when you are planning your road trip.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed guide covering a road trip from Denver to Las Vegas, the total distance, places to stay, and more. In this article, we tried to cover everything that may be helpful for you on this road trip. However, if you still feel that we missed something or if you have any questions, please shoot them in the comment section below.

Our team will try to respond to your comments ASAP.

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