Roadies Revolution 29 August 2020 Written Episode Updates- Is Kakoli aka Yami Ripta Evicted?

MTV Roadies Revolution is a reality show that the youth follows wholeheartedly; their love for this show is not hidden, and the popularity of the show goes on increasing. The show has four mentors who have their own teams, and they compete with each other to stay in the game by performing various tasks and by winning immunities in the game. And according to the sources, we have the news on how might be evicted, so lets us see who that person is facing eliminations.

Roadies Revolution 2020 Winner Name 

Roadies Revolution 29 August 2020 Written Episode Updates

There is speculation that Nikhil Chinapa’s team, which includes members like Aarushi Chawla, Kevin Almasifar, Abhimanyu Raghav, Srishti Sudhera, and Micheal Ajay has the chances of winning the EDI task along with the immunities. And there are probable chances of a double eviction in the game. And with the many discussions came forward on the internet on how will be evicted from the game, to which the fans have shorted down to two names. Kakoli Mondal, aka Yami Ripta or Apoorva Gole, could be the second contestant to be eliminated from the show this week. With this, there is also a buzz that Sapna Malik will also be evicted from the show.

Why will Kakoli be the first one to evict from the show?

According to fans and what we can see on the show, Kakoli can be seen as a weak link. She has not been performing her tasks appropriately, and he does not gel along with other members in the game as well. These all things factors contribute to her being one of the contestants to get eliminated. However, we’re not sure if this will take place or not because we never the twist and tricks that come out during the elimination rounds. We know very well that there is something or the other continually going on in the game.

There might be a double eviction, which may lead to the removal of both a strong and a weak player, or the teams can take this as a chance of eliminating the stronger ones to weaken the other groups. We’re aware of the politics that the game has in very elimination. But if this happens, it will be a vital turning point in the game, and there is no doubt that a lot of equations in the game will change. So don’t forget to tune in and watch the double bomb that might be possibly dropped in the show, and for more such exciting updates, stay tuned to world wire.

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