Roadies Revolution Contestants List & Full Names With Details 2020

Roadies Revolution 2020

Roadies Revolution Contestants List & Full Names With Details 2020: Every young teenager once in their life ha surely dreamed about being on a reality show. And when we think of such shows, the one thing that comes in mind is MTVs Roadies! Ever since the show started, it has held its strong foothold in the reality show business and, even today holds a lot of popularity.

Roadies Revolution Contestants List

People who are frequent watchers of the show know how things have slowly changed in it, and today we will talk about Roadies Revolution that is coming back for its 18th season. Like it has been happening for years now, Rannvijay Singha will again host the show. The show will have four coaches like usual, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, and Prince Narula.

Although this year, the show’s motive is to bring in a Revolution and fight for a social cause, which is very thoughtful seeing the number of young audiences they have, this can significantly impact of portrayed in the same sense.

Every time during the interview or auditions, there is some twist that they introduce, like this time, the coaches were given badges like stars, and whoever earns them the most will have an advantage. And how they earned these badges were by making predictions on which contestant will get selected, and if they did that right, they would win a badge.

Roadies Revolution 2020

As for now, Neha Dhupia has two stars, Prince Narula and Raftaar have tied with three stars each and Nikhil Chinapa with 1 star. Now we have to wait and see what the advantage is going to be and what tiebreaker would decide between the two coaches.

The show is aired on tv channel MTV and the OTT platform Voot. The show airs every Saturday at 7 pm, and the repeat telecast is on Sunday 5:30 pm.

Roadies Revolution Contestants List- Full Names 2020

-Abhimanyu Singh, Bhopal

-Zabi Khan, Hyderabad

-Vipin Kumar, Lucknow

-Sakib Khan, Kashmir

-Ninaad Wagh, Pune

-Soumya Sachdeva, Delhi

-Akash Verma, Panipat

-Srishti Sudhera

-Aishwarya Kapoor, Delhi

-Dr. Pratibha Singh, Bhopal

-Malhar Kamble, Mumbai

-Micheal Ajay, Bangalore

-Arushi Chawla, Delhi

-Kevin Almasifar, Pune

-Apoorva Gole, Mumbai

-Akanksha Singh, Dehradun

-Jueili Vaidya, Mumbai

-Sanjay Negi, Uttarakhand

-Syed Salman, Bangalore

-Prakhar Narayan, Lucknow

-Sehej Maini, Pune

-Sapna Malik, Chandigarh

-Sakshi Sharma, Gurdaspur

-Deepika Shekhawat, Jaipur

-Hamid Barkha, Delhi

-Tarandeep Singh, Delhi

-Akshita Sharma, Haryana

-Nisha Dhaundiyal, Chandigarh

-Aayushi Dogra, Himachal Pradesh

-Smita Pariyar, Darjeeling.

These are the 30 contenders so far; let’s see what the show holds for its fans with the new season 18. The ultimate game will finally begin, and the fans can’t keep their chill and wait for the stunts and games to start eventually. The show is also known for some controversies and politics; hence it is also an exciting part for the fans to watch. With strong contestants from all over the country, the competition will be neck to neck, and the game will get gruesome with the progress it will make, it is about to get exciting and thrilling, let us brace ourselves for the journey!

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