Ron DeSantis Receives Endorsement From Florida’s Largest Police Union

Ron DeSantis Receives Endorsement From Florida's Largest Police Union

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly received endorsement from the state’s largest police union as he campaigns for the 2024 Presidential run.

Let’s read the news and learn what the outlook of the police union is to support the Governor.

Ron DeSantis Receives Endorsement From Florida’s Largest Police Union

The largest police union, the Police Benevolent Association of Florida, announced on Monday that it is endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP presidential race.

The announcement came when the Governor was campaigning in Eagle Pass, Texas, outlining his immigration policy and criticizing Joe Biden’s administration for not addressing the crisis.

While making the announcement in a press release to support the Florida Governor, the President of the PBA, John Kazanjian, said,” DeSantis is the most effective Governor in the nation and someone who will make public safety a top priority in the White House.”

The President talked about the Governor’s records in using safety measures toward the public. Kazanjian added, “Now more than ever, Americans must elect the one presidential candidate with a proven track record in enhancing public safety and investing in the essential men and women who help maintain public safety every day.”

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The PBA President emphasized the issue of increasing crime rate, “In major cities and communities across America, many Americans are battling with increased crime rates that not only jeopardize public safety but also threaten the quality of life in their communities. The ideological experiment of defunding the police and scapegoating law enforcement for America’s social issues has failed.”

Kazanjian said, “For the over 30,000 men and women in the Florida Police Benevolent Association, the choice for us could not be clearer.”

The largest police union leader also praised DeSantis's efforts to strengthen law enforcement in Florida

The largest police union leader also praised DeSantis’s efforts to strengthen law enforcement in Florida and pointed to the state’s move to invest around $100 million to increase the salaries of police officers and $20 million to support the struggle against the killer drug, fentanyl.

In May, in an attempt to attract out-of-state recruits to the police force, DeSantis endeavored to launch a $13.5 million police program that proposed to provide new recruits with a $5,000 bonus. The program intended to attract officers who did not want to follow Covid-19 vaccine rulings in their home states.

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However, as per the report, the program allowed police recruits with a history of violence and arrest records to join Florida police forces.

DeSantis has gained much popularity after he announced his immigration policy on Monday in his campaign in Texas. Jimmy Patronis, the chief financial officer of the Florida PBA, said on Tuesday,” We pride ourselves on our support of law enforcement, and the safety net in Florida is robust because of DeSantis, his recruitment programs, and his contributions to the economy.”

The PBA made its first presidential endorsement in eight years when in 2020, the largest police association backed former President Donald Trump to keep America safe when he was running for re-election 2020.

Now, PBA vowed to support DeSantis, Trump’s competitor in the 2024 race and the second leading Republican presidential primary nomination.

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