Latest News - Who is Ronnie McNutt? & Why he shoot himself Live in Live Video?- How to save yourself from watching the video?

Who is Ronnie McNutt? & Why he shoot himself Live in Live Video?- How to save yourself from watching the video?

Every day through some or the other way, people are exposed to the internet with gruesome things. Videos go viral in seconds, violating the privacy, or someone’s account gets hacked. Each of us is reminded that the internet is no more a safe space and that safety in the digital world is crucial. A video that went viral on TikTok shook the world as a whole. It wasn’t a light-hearted video that people went to sharing like crazy, but was rather traumatic for people. If you’re unaware, let us get to the depth at what happened?

What is the viral video on TikTok? Who is Ronnie McNutt?

A few days ago, a video went Viral on TikTok that was shared by people like crazy. The video was about a man who committed suicide and made a video. He shot himself with a shotgun, and this video people shared like it was something to be shared. The people who saw the footage unknowingly were utterly shattered, as it wasn’t something that anyone would want to come across. Many people have also shared their anger on this and have made some Twitter posts watch below.

Techniques Social media should adopt to protect gruesome content from getting viral:

-Improve reporting and guidelines:
There were severe complaints that people made when they tried reporting the video. Many said that TikTok suggested that there was nothing that violated their community guidelines. It also noted that there was nothing violent in the video; hence they can’t report the video. So it is pretty evident that such social media apps, platforms, and pages should update their community guidelines and improve the options.

-Increase the age criteria:
The age criteria for certain apps should be updated with security measures. Just imagine the trauma a 13-year-old might have gone through after watching the viral video on TikTok. Since the age group of TikTok users starts from the age of 13. This should be taken into consideration, especially when such gullible minds are exposed to the internet.

-Having an option for autoplay:
There are certain apps that autoplay the video when you come across any video content. This is the primary reason why people were exposed to this video, and there should be a click option. This means only see the video if you want to, and it doesn’t play without permission.


These are some things that might help the community if taken into consideration. Certain areas of the internet are entirely dark, and there is no denying that with the technology, the world is exposed to every corner. Starting from a child to an adult internet has become the primary source of entertainment, but at the same time, it can be harmful. So we must assure our children and others’ safety by keeping in mind certain things and being responsible human begins!

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