How to Get Samsung Military Discount – Get Up To 30% Off

How to Get Samsung Military Discount - Get Up To 30%

Want to get Samsung Military Discount? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

The military is one of the prestigious services in which one can serve and earn respect even after death. So it’s good to know that Samsung offers discounts, especially for the military, such as the Samsung military discount. It is a form of respect for the army to show them love and honor them for what they do for the nation standing on those borderlines by risking their lives.

The Korean-based company offers discounts especially for the army men whether they are active members or were army veterans; it can only be claimed by those who are related to the army and actually served in the army or are currently serving!

This article will provide information about this military discount program and how to claim them.

So, if you are an army personnel, stay with us to learn more about it –

What is the Samsung Military Discount?

What is the Samsung Military Discount

The Samsung Military Discount program provides special savings on Samsung items such as televisions, tablets, phones, appliances, and more to qualifying military members. Purchases at a discount can be made straight from Apart from exceptional product discounts, qualifying military personnel will receive free delivery, cheap monthly payments, and exclusive trade-in programs.

Does Samsung offer Military Discount?

YES! Samsung provides a military discount as well as other special incentives on the most recent Samsung items. When you shop at, you may save up to 30%. The military discount can be coupled with the majority of other deals, and no discount code is necessary.

In each 12-month period, you can purchase up to two goods per product category per email address. In addition, four home appliances, four mobile accessories, and six SmartThings are available.

The following are some instances of Samsung Military Discounts –

  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra, 128 GB, costs $369.99 with a $30 military discount.
  • With a military discount, you can get the Galaxy Z Flip 4, 128GB, for $284.99, saving $15.
  • $449.99 for the Samsung Tab S8, 128GB Pink Gold.
  • 256GB Galaxy Chromebook for $649.00.

Who qualifies for the Samsung Military Discount?

Who qualifies for the Samsung Military Discount

The Samsung military discount is available to the listed members –

  • Active Duty Military members of all branches – Space Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Army.
  • Reservists and National Guard members.

The military discount is available through the Samsung Discount Program or Veterans Advantage. However, the discounts available through each of these schemes may differ.

If you are a military member, enter email address to join the Samsung Discount Program. You can use your personal email address to join the Veterans Advantage program if you are a veteran.

What eligibility is required for the Military Discount on Samsung Products?

To validate your eligibility on, you may need to provide the following supporting documentation –

  • State ID with your driver’s license and social security number
  • A passport photo with your social security number
  • A photograph of your passport card together with your social security number
  • Your phone number to confirm

You will be redirected to the checkout page to finish the payment after you have been validated.

If you have any problems validating your eligibility, please contact support or call 1-866-775-4363.

What Other Discounts Does Samsung Offer?

  • Student and educator discounts are available by registering using a valid school email address, such
  • Government Discounts – Sign up using an eligible Government (state or federal) email address, such
  • Employee Discounts/Samsung EPP – Sign up using a valid work email address. Most deals can be paired with the EPP discount.
  • Samsung Rewards – Earn points for qualified purchases on and in the Shop Samsung app, which may be redeemed for Samsung items and other benefits. Get more rewards by connecting with Lyft. Members can save up to 40%.
  • Get savings, trade-in, and upgrade phones, Televisions, and other electronics.
  • Some goods qualify for free delivery, and financing with no money down is available.
  • White Glove Delivery Service – For some television models, delivery by skilled personnel includes setup and positioning, as well as the TV stand, if applicable.

How to Redeem the Military Discount

To redeem the military discount, you have to follow the below-listed steps –

  • Visit the Samsung website.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Once registered, all the discounted prices of the products will be visible, which is eligible for the discount.

If one already has an account from previous purchases, one still has to sign up for a new account through the Military Discount link. Once you enter your email id, the screen will redirect you to complete the registration for the online account.

What are the restrictions on Samsung Military Discounts?

  • The Samsung Military Discount is available only online.
  • You may only purchase two things per product category and email address throughout a calendar year.
  • Upgrading to certain phone models may double your trade-in value by up to $600.
  • To qualify for this special pricing and perks, you must purchase two goods per product category, per email address, or delivery address within any calendar year period.


What if I hit my Samsung Discount Program limit?

If you have exceeded the annual restriction of two goods per category, please wait for one year to reinstate the limit. In the meantime, you can have a look at the current promotions.

Is it Possible to combine promotions with the Samsung Discount Program?

Yes, you can combine Samsung Discount Programs with Trade-In and other programs. Check the deal’s terms and conditions for eligibility for additional promotions.

How many orders can I place through the Samsung Discount Programs?

With the special pricing/offer given by Samsung Discount Program, you can purchase up to two goods per product category per email address in the 12-month period. The maximum for home appliance accessories is set at four, while the restriction for mobile accessories is set at four. The limit for SmartThings items is set at 6.

Who is eligible to participate in Samsung’s Discount Programs?

Samsung has discount programs for allied businesses, the government, the military, students and educators, medical professionals, nurses, and first responders.

Can I Use The Samsung Military Discount Online?

Yes, military members can use the discount online through their official website.

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