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Scottie Pippen Wife – Scottie Pippen, a former American professional basketball player who won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, was last in the spotlight in 2020 when the documentary The Last Dance debuted on Netflix.

Pippen was rated one of the top 50 NBA players in 1996 as a part of the famed “Dream Team” and a two-time Olympic gold champion and was also inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Scottie was disappointed by how the acclaimed documentary portrayed him and Michael Jordon in such a contrast; as a result, Pippen and Jordan’s friendship terminated, and Pippen made it a point to criticize Jordan whenever possible after that, which alarmed many NBA fans.

Larsa Pippen with Marcus Jordan at the Miami Japanese restaurant Zuma
Larsa Pippen with Marcus Jordan at the Miami Japanese restaurant Zuma

He has earned national attention again, but this time not for his game but for his former wife’s love affair with Michael’s son Marcus Jordan. Because of the relationship between Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, the news that Scottie’s ex-wife is seeing Marcus Jordan has garnered much media attention.

Who is Scottie Pippen Wife?

Scottie Pippen’s first marriage was with Karen McCollum. Before they married, they already had a kid named Antron. The couple married in 1998, a year after Antron was born, and divorced two years later.

After that, Scottie began dating model Sonya Rob in 1993. Sonya later gave birth to Tyler and Taylor and claimed Scottie to be their father. Scottie’s denial of involvement was proven false by a DNA test, and he broke up with Sonya Rob.

After that, he began seeing Yvette De Leon and the couple had a daughter together, named Sierra. The couple split up after an incident of domestic violence, and Yvette had to fight him in court to get him to offer financial aid to Sierra, which Scottie eventually lost and had to accept a large financial settlement.

Following that, he married Larsa Younan, an American model and media personality. After dating for over two years, they married on July 20, 1997, and have four children together: Justin Pippen, Preston Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr., and Sophia Pippen.

Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa Pippen
Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa Pippen

She was 22 when they married, nine years younger than Scottie, and after 19 years of marriage, they filed for divorce in 2016 without citing any reason and just said that they now have “irreconcilable disagreements.”

Larsa Pippen – Early Life and Career

Larsa Pippen is a Guatemalan supermodel, reality television celebrity, and entrepreneur who became famous after marrying NBA player Scottie Pippen. She graduated from the renowned University of Illinois with a degree in political science and began her acting career after graduating from the Piven Theatre Workshop, rising to fame as a cast member on the popular reality show The Real Housewives of Miami.

Her reality TV appearances include Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Extra TV red carpet appearances. Big Pippen is another reality show in which she has appeared.

Scott Pippen Wife - Larsa Pippen with The Kardashians
Scott Pippen Wife – Larsa Pippen with The Kardashians

She works with the Pippen Foundation as a member of the committee for “An Evening with the Chicago Bulls,” which generates funds to promote children’s charities. Besides that, she also runs her own beauty and fashion website.

Larsa Pippen Dating History

Pippen’s most famous and longest relationship occurred in the 1990s when she started dating Scottie Pippen. While the couple divorced in 2015 and reconnected in 2017, they eventually divorced in 2018 for real.

Larsa briefly dated Future, the “Mask Off” rapper, after her divorce from Scottie in 2015 and was accused of cheating on Scottie with Future, although she refuted the allegations.

Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa Pippen Dated Mask Off Singer Future
Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa Pippen Dated Mask Off Singer Future

Her most publicized relationship since her divorce from Scottie happened in late 2020 when she was linked to Malik Beasley, the Minnesota Timberwolves player, and was spotted holding hands in Miami in November 2020. About a month before their initial sighting together, Beasley even flirted with her on one of her Instagram pictures, resulting in Beasley’s wife, Montana Yao, reportedly filing for divorce shortly after.

Larsa also admitted to having romanced Tristan Thompson, a Boston Celtics player, in 2016 and shared that she was dating Tristan before Khloé Kardashian.

Larsa Pippen is currently dating Marcus Jordan
Larsa Pippen is currently dating Marcus Jordan

Larsa’s most recent lover is said to be Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son, and there were pictures of them dining with another couple on a double date at the Miami Japanese restaurant Zuma.

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