Sea Shepherd Intends To Ram And Disable Pirate Whalers

In the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society believes it’s time to escalate confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet and stop the slaughter of defenseless whales. Onboard the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat, Captain Paul Watson asked, “What part of the word sanctuary do the whalers not understand? They have used water cannons and wooden poles to attack whale defenders.” Two Greenpeace ships have been rammed and a Farley Mowat was attempted to be rammed. Despite their claim of innocence, Whalers are far from innocent. They are criminals involved in criminal operations.

I am tired of politicians defending these criminals, said Captain Watson. The whaling supply ship Oriental Bluebird was sidewiped yesterday, and any pirate whaling vessel we encounter will be disabled. We will enforce whale protection laws. This nonsense must end.”

In January 2006, Captain Paul Watson ordered the Japanese-owned Panamanian ship Oriental Bluebird to leave the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary at 0030 GMT. As a part of the offloading of whale meat for transportation back to Japan, the Japanese supply ship was waiting to rendezvous with the Nisshin Maru. In response to their refusal, Sea Shepherd hit the Oriental Bluebird with the starboard hull of their conservation vessel, Farley Mowat.

Sea Shepherd crews have caught whalers three times, but each time they have stopped whaling and fled rather than face confrontation with Sea Shepherd. We want them to be scared of us, and we want them to keep running. We have stopped their whaling activities once again.” said Farley Mowat 1st Officer Alex Cornelissen.

A Japanese airborne police unit threatened to defend the whaling fleet. “What are they going to do? Are they going to take pictures or strafe us, parachute onto our decks and arrest us?” I hate to quote George W. Bush, but hey, “bring ’em on.””

There has been a threat that New Zealand will send Orion aircraft to observe the situation. Australian officials are requesting military intervention. Laura Dakin, 23, a citizen of Canberra, Australia and the chief cook of the Farley Mowat, told the media that things are getting dangerous down here. The truth is, for the whales, the situation is not just dangerous – it is deadly.”

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