Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, & Where to Watch Online

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 2 Release Date: There is no doubt that today’s people are more gravitating towards web series of all genres and languages. From Indian, Korean, to Turkish, you name it and have endless content to binge-watch right at your fingertips. Similarly, Turkish dramas are gaining popularity because of the content that they bring and also because of their cast.
Sen Cal Kapimi is one such Turkish drama series that is a combination of romance and comedy that people are eagerly waiting for. The show is also called “You knock on my Door” in many countries and is released with English subtitles. The day this series was announced, its buzz increased tremendously, and fans are getting excited about the series.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 2 Release Date

The good news for all the fans of this series is that the next episode will be releasing for you’ll in English subtitles on the 15th of July 2020. This series is said to be the one that will break all the other Turkish dramas’ records so far.
And no doubt, looking at the plot and cast, it can no doubt be one show that will break all the other series’ records.  The series’s trailer does look attractive, and you see for yourself the fantastic chemistry that the lead cha4racters give away. This series is giving us the vibes of primary romance goals.
Watch Trailer:

Sen Cal Kapimi Story/Plot

The series is based on two lead characters Eda and Serkan Bolat, who form an unlikely alliance and slowly start developing feelings for each other. The story is how Eda, who is denied of her scholarship, confronts Serkan Bolat, who gives her a chance of getting the scholarship back but at a condition. He asks her to pretend to be his Fiancé for two months, an idea that Eda hates initially but later gives in because of the terms he puts forward.
With time, they develop a strong and understanding bond, and their story about loving is a delight to watch on screens. This is an unusual story that the audience will love and will undeniably fall in love with the characters.

Sen Cal Kapimi Cast

-Hande Ercel as Eda Yildiz
-Kerem Bursin as Serkan Bolat
-Neslihan Yeldan as Aydan Bolat
-Bige Onal as Selin Atakan
-Evrim Dogan as Ayfer Yildiz
-Ismail Ege Sasmaz as Kaan Karadag
-Anil Ilter as Engin Sezgin
-Melisa Dongle as Ceren Basar
-Cagri Citanak as Ferit Simsek
This is the lead cast for the series and the supporting cast, which makes the series worth watching because of all the cast’s stellar performances.
The series will also be available for all the viewers to watch on the official channel of FOX Network. The series will surely win your hearts, and unlike all other love, stories will have a different twist. How love can win against hate is something that this series will bring for the audience. We will deliver such updates to you and keep you posted on all the upcoming series, so stay tuned!

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