Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Teaser- Where to Watch?

Sen Cal Kapimi is a romantic Turkish drama that is immensely loved by everyone worldwide. Fans even say that this is one of the best Turkish dramas they have seen so far. It is all set to become the best amongst all the Turkish dramas that have been released so far. The series has so far been released for seven episodes, and today we will know more about the 8th episode of Sen Cal Kapimi.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 7 Release Date, Cast, Recap, & Where to Watch Online?

Sen Cal Kapimi episode 8 release date and where to watch?

The new episode of Sen Cal Kapimi will release on the 2nd of September 2020 on the FOX network. The fans have an option to watch the series online and the network’s official website of the channel. This makes it easier for the fans to watch the series when it airs on the television, or they can watch it online if they miss it, so this is a win-win situation for the fans that they don’t miss their favorite series.

Sen Cal Kapimi cast:

-Hande Ercel as Eda Yildiz
-Kerem Bursin as Serkan Bolat
-Neslihan Yeldan as Aydan Bolat
-Bige Onal as Selin Atakan
-Evrim Dogan as Ayfer Yildiz
-Ismail Ege Sasmaz as Kaan Karadag
-Anil Ilter as Engin Sezgin
-Melisa Dongle as Ceren Basar
-Cagri Citanak as Ferit Simsek

Sen Cal Kapimi plot and storyline:

The series revolves around Eda and Serkan’s love story, who form an unlikely alliance and fall in love eventually. When Serkan refuses Eda her scholarship, she decides to confront him and ask’s for an answer. Unfortunately, they are spotted by the people, and then they form an alliance where Serkan outs a contract in front of Eda. He asks her to be his finance for two months, and her scholarship expenses will be taken care of by him, Eda is hesitant but agrees in the end. The story then takes a turn, and it is a beautiful plot that brings us to their journey of falling in love slowly but gracefully.

Sen Cal Kapimi episode 7 recap:

In the last episode we see, Serkan opens up to Eda and reveals a secret to her. Eda returns home under the magic of the moment they shared. This is noticed by Ayfer immediately after he sees Eda’s bright eyes. But the question remains, is Eda really in love? However, she is very hesitant to fall under Serkan’s spell. But she can’t stay away either. And the next day is his birthday, and he doesn’t like to celebrate it, but this time he might celebrate it with Selin, so what will happen will be exciting to see in the next episode. For more updates on Turkish dramas and more stay tuned to world wire.

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