Senate Confronts Challenge with Ukraine Aid Legislation

Senate Confronts Challenge with Ukraine Aid Legislation

The $95 billion aid bill overcame the long-standing challenges in the Senate, but its passage in the U.S. House is uncertain.

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Senate Confronts Challenge with Ukraine Aid Legislation

On Sunday, the United States Senate proposed a $95.34 billion emergency aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan with a bipartisan vote.

The Senate voted 67-27 to move forward with the bill despite huge opposition from right-wing Republicans, including former President Donald Trump.

On Sunday, 18 Republicans and all Democrats supported the bill, which is expected to pass the Senate by Tuesday.

The bill includes $60.1 billion in aid for Ukraine, $14.1 billion to help Israel in its war against Hamas, and around $10 billion in humanitarian assistance for civilians in conflict zones, like the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan.

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The United States President Joe Biden wanted to pass the legislation for months. However, the bill faced several hurdles in its passage in the Senate.

A few Republicans opposed the bill, arguing that the United States should not spend billions of dollars on Ukraine’s security and should instead focus on its own border issues with Mexico that allow illegal immigrants to enter the country.

Senate Confront Challenge with Ukraine Aid Legislation

Republican Senator of Arkansas, Tom Cotton, said on Fox News Sunday that he is concerned about the $19 billion aid to Ukraine. “We did spend four months promising the American people that we would secure our own border before we focused on other countries’ borders,” he added.

Biden said on Friday that Congress would be guilty of ‘neglect’ if it did not pass the bill.

In a rare occurrence, the Senate advanced the bill with bipartisan voting on Sunday, with a considerable number of Republicans appealing to support the bill.

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This included Republican Senator of Kentucky and the minority leader, Mitch McConnell, who said, “It’s no exaggeration to say the eyes of the world are on the United States Senate.”

He added, “U.S. allies don’t have the luxury of pretending that the world’s most dangerous aggressors are someone else’s problem, and neither do we.”

Many other senators have also commented on the passage of the bill.

Democrat Senator of New York and the majority leader, Chuck Schumer, said on the Senate floor, “We’re going to keep working on this bill until the job is done.”

The bill will move to the United States House of Representatives for voting after the Senate passes it. However, it is uncertain whether the Republican-dominating House chamber would approve the bill.

The emergency aid bill is expected to face opposition from Republicans supporting the ‘America First’ stance of Trump in the House according to which Republicans seek to use funding to protect the United States first before spending it on another nation’s security.

It remains to see if Biden’s emergency aid legislation would be able to pass the House of Representatives.


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