Senator Paul Boyer’s net worth, family, lifestyle, bio, and more

Paul Boyer is a Republican Party member holding a seat in Arizona State Senate since January 14, 2019. Boyer is currently representing District 20. Earlier, he was a member of the Arizona House of Representatives.

Boyer graduated from Deer Valley High School. Later, he completed his Bachelor’s in English and MA in Communication studies at Arizona State University West.

He was a part-time teacher for Humane Letters at North Phoenix Preparatory Academy. 

Boyer was the official spokesman and advisor for House Majority. He also served as a spokesman at Mesa Public Schools. 

Political Career

Boyer joined the Democratic Caucus in February 2021. This was done to obstruct Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s bill to remove voter rolls.

Later in April 2021, Boyer did the same voting to remove about 200,000 people from voter rolls. 

Also, Boyer joined the Democratic Caucus in February 2021 to vote against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. The Arizona senate subpoenaed to demand all the copies of mail ballots. They also demanded access to the voting machines. This was done to prove all the allegations right about the 2020 Presidential elections. The board of Supervisors considered the Subpoena to be unlawful. 

As 2020 presidential elections were much talked about, Boyer supported an audit for it. 

After the audit, Boyer said, “It makes us look like idiots,” adding, “Looking back, I didn’t think it would be this ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to be a state senator at this point.”

The former US President Donald Trump called Boyer a ‘RINO’ after he remarked on the audit. Trump also went on to say that Boyer is nothing but trouble. 

Paul Boyer’s net worth

The net worth of Senator Paul Boyer is not yet known. 

Paul Boyer family

Paul Boyer is married to Beth Boyer and is a father of a child. 


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