Sequoia Capital Neil Shen

Sequoia Capital Neil Shen

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About Neil Shen and Sequoia Capital 

Neil Shen is the founder and Managing Partner of Sequoia Capital China. The venture capital firm was first started in America by Don Valentine and now serves offices in China and India. We see tremendous growth in the firm as it has made considerable investments in companies like Apple, Cisco, Google, Instagram, PayPal, Zoom, etc.

Sequoia Capital Neil Shen

Shen came as the top investor on Mida’s list for two years. Later, his position fell because of his investment in ByteDance, Meituan, and Pinduoduo. ByteDance is the parent company of Tiktok.

Sequoia Capital Neil Shen

Sequoia Capital is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm headquartered in Menlo Park, California. This venture capital specializes in making investments at the seed stage, early stage, and growth stage of private companies.

This firm primarily focuses on investing in companies working in the technology sector and has invested in various leading tech companies, including Apple, Google, Nvidia, Cisco, Dropbox, and more. It is estimated that the value of the total assets under Sequoia Capital is around $85 billion as of July 2022.

Sequoia Capital is an umbrella brand that has three different ventures under its name –

  • The first one focused on the US and Europe
  • The second one focused on India and Southeast Asia
  • The third one focused on China

Neil Shen is the founding and global managing partner of the Chinese arm of Sequoia Capital.

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Sequoia Capital Neil Shen

As Shen moves to invest $9 billion in China’s tech startups, it could be the largest-ever investment raised by a single firm. However, he is keen to adjust his investment focus in line with Chinese Government priorities. 

In 2018, he became a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Shen is CPPCC’s sole member who is a venture capitalist. Consequently, he has exclusive access to critical Chinese figures. 

About Sequoia Capital and NASDAQ

Sequoia capital fund was listed on NASDAQ on 27th August 2012 with a stock price of $69. In two years, it climbed to a high of $123 around 2016. It gradually declined after that till 2020. We then see an all-time high from 2020 onwards, resulting in a substantial increase in Shen’s wealth simultaneously. 

Shen mainly invests in the seed and early or growth stage industries and talks about China’s rapid growth on the global platform. At CPPCC’s speech, Shen said that China should focus on deep technology, mainly AI and robotics. Also, he advised China to be efficient on the agriculture and manufacturing front.   Sequoia Capital Neil Shen Beijing stopped Ali Baba and Ant group from entering Hong Kong over antitrust issues, which would have proved to be the largest IPO in history. This led to the drop in stock prices of Meituan and Alibaba in new york to 56% and 66%, respectively. It severely affected Shen’s deal with these companies, and he had to incur losses. Ride Hailer Didi also debuted on NASDAQ against Beijing’s wish resulting in Beijing probing it. Didi’s stock price dropped dangerously after this, and Shen was also unable to cash on his undisclosed Didi stock. 

Since then, he has been shifting his focus to Hard-technology firms like semi-conductor, batteries, and high-end manufacturing companies. He has also started selling off his stakes deployed in consumer-facing companies and the companies Beijing targets.

About Ctrip by Neil Shen

Ctrip Logo

The first venture of the now Billionaire Neil Shen was Ctrip. It is an online travel agency that eases customers’ travel plans. It was started in China, but Neil talked about how the internet has been a pivotal part of this industry’s success. It is true that you can book a hotel and a flight in just a click. Shen often talks about how the internet evolved businesses. 

On the Ctrip site, we can see different flight, train, or bus booking offers. With all this, there are many other options to ease your trips like itineraries, maps, and guides to travel destinations. You can also apply various coupons to get cashback or discounts during checkout. 

Shen founded Ctrip in 1999. Neil advises new entrepreneurs to “Go with your heart. You have to love what you do; otherwise, it will be difficult to sustain.”

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