Shahram Hadian – Everything you need to know about him

Shahram Hadian - Everything you need to know about him

Shahram Haddin is an American political leader, he is considered a conservative leader.  After Donald Trump, Haddin has been in the headlines for his conservative statements. In today’s post, we will know in detail about the life of Shahram Haddin.

Hadian was a candidate in the 2012 Washington gubernatorial election. Hadian worked as a police officer for the city of Redmond. People in USA loves him very much because of his controversial statements and harshness towards Muslims.

He has campaigned for his country in the present time. In which the campaign included in the top list – talks of being a safe and secure community, employment generation, and giving priority to education. After Haddin’s controversial statement, many leaders also supported him and some leaders also criticized him.

Who is Shahram Hadian 

Shahram Hadian - Everything you need to know about him
Shahram Hadian – Everything you need to know about him

Shahram Hadian is one of the famous political leaders of America.  He is the leader of the Republic Party.

He is known to be the second most controversial leader in America after Donald Trump. hadian identity is related to the disputed leader and disputed statements.  Haddin regards himself as a strong and conservative leader.

Hadian came into the limelight when he kept making controversial statements about the Muslim community for an hour continuously. Before joining hadian politics, he worked as a police officer and teacher by profession.

Shahram Hadian Age

Hadian was born in Iran in 1971.  His father was a lieutenant colonel in the army and his mother was a primary school teacher.  us samay At that time all the people were enjoying democracy.

Then there was a movement going on in Iran about Islam at that time.  Hadian moved to America in December 1978 with his family at the age of 7.  He studied Bible from BA Puget Sound Christian College.  And today for 8 years he is working as a Christian pastor.  And he completed his graduation from Washington Law Enforcement Academy.  and worked as a police officer in his hometown of Redmond.

For some time he worked as a teacher and tennis professional. Hadian believes that he is a strong and conservative leader.

Shahram Hadian family

Shahram met his wife Michelle in 2000 at the Edmonds W Church.  Michelle returned home from Western Washington University after completing her graduation with a Certificate of Child Development and Washington State Teaching.

And as the two met over time, the two quickly became good friends and fell in love. They both got married in December 2001.  And today he lives in Spokane Washington with 5 children.

For nearly 5 years, Michelle taught in second grade in Mukilteo, WA School District. At the present time, Michelle has dropped out of school and has postponed her children’s schooling in order to home-school and take care of her.

And today Michelle says, “All of our marriage, Shahram and I have been best friends and a strong team. Our faith in Christ has been the cornerstone of our marriage and our commitment to each other, our family, and our community.”  Guides. ”

Early life of Shahraam Hadian 

Shahram hadian was born into a Muslim family.  An Islamic movement was going on in Iran in 1978, and people felt that this Islam was a new beginning of peace.

But his mother and father wanted freedom.  His mother and father moved to America for that. At that time the age of hadian was about 7 years.  After coming to America, a few weeks later, the Shah government was overthrown in Iran and Rak Qur’s repressive Islamic regime took power.

Shahram Hadian Career

Shahram Hadian had some struggles at the beginning of his life. Hadian worked as a police officer from the time he completed his graduation.  He has since worked as a teacher and tennis professional for some time.

Hadian has also been a candidate for Washington governor in 2012, after that he is the owner of a company of his own.

Hadian is the founder of “the truth in love ministry“.  And at present, he is a public speaker.  Hadian is his company, which works on the problem and important issues facing our country.

Sharam Hadian Controversial Statement

Shahram Hadian remains in the headlines for his controversial statement.  And he was included in the list of the most famous controversial leaders of the Amir at that time.

When he spoke for over an hour about Islam as a growing threat in America. After this controversial statement of Hadian, it became the second major leader after America’s famous controversial leader Donald Trump.

Hadian has been endorsed by several public officials, including State Representative Mike Hope (R-44th Legislative District, Position 2).

In addition, his campaign has received support from the Seattle Times, the Snohomish County Republican Party, and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). And this statement was also discussed by many delegates.


Shahram Hadian is very happy with his wife Michelle and 5 kids in his life.  And you will continue to receive the controversial statements of the hadian in the coming times.

And his company the truth in love ministry is working on the problem of our country to come.  Various important issues coming into our country like the threat of radical Islam and repressive sharia law in America, the importance of civil affiliation, protecting our constitution and rule of law from the imposition of foreign law, national security, standing with the nation of Israel, etc.

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