Sheetz gas station locations, hours, and timings

These are convenience stores and coffee shops in America. Sheetz family owns multiple stores which offer 24*7 services of custom food items, convenience store items, beverages, fuel, etc.

The headquarters of Sheetz is in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Foundation and early history of Sheetz

This store was founded in 1952 by G Robert “Bob Sheetz”. Bob Sheetz purchased one dairy store from his father to open this store. Later in 1961, he offered part-time work to his brother Steve.

A second store named “Sheetz Kwik Shopper” was opened in 1963. The third store was opened in 1968.

Steve Sheetz was made the general manager by the year 1969. As per the plan, seven Sheetz stores were opened by 1972.

The stores expanded from seven to fourteen in the year 1972.

Later, Sheetz started selling Gasoline with central Pennsylvania’s first self-serve gas pumps.

Sheetz fuel

The gasoline-selling Sheetz stores sell three grades o gasoline, namely, 87, 89, and 93 Octane. Almost all of them offer diesel. 

Many of the stores offer E85 and E15 and also ethanol-free Gasoline. Also, few Sheetz stores offer Kerosene but at separate pumps. 

Sheetz leads the oil selling market, although there are many other competitors. There are convenience stores that offer fuel from big oil brands like Exxon, Sunoco, and BP.

Sheetz gas station locations

Sheetz – Westminister, MD, United States

Sheetz- Sterling, VA, United States

Sheetz – Reedsville, PA, United States

Sheetz- State College, PA, United States

Sheetz – Winston Salem, NC, United States

Sheetz- South Charleston, WV, United States.

Sheetz – Erie, PA, United States.

Sheetz- Lancaster, PA, United States

Sheetz – Harrisburg, PA, United States

Sheetz- Burlington, NC, United States

Sheetz – Gamer, NC, United States

Sheetz- New Philadelphia, OH, United States

Sheetz – Johnstown, PA, United States

Sheetz- Bealeton, VA, United States

Sheetz – Greensboro, NC, United States

Sheetz- Petersburg, VA, United States

Sheetz – Petersburg, WV, United States

Sheetz- Grantville, PA, United States

Sheetz – Fuquay –Varina, NC, United States

Hours and timings of Sheetz gas stations

The Sheetz offers a limitless supply of fuel through their convenience. For this, these stores are open 24*7 in service.

Touch Screen Menus and other advancements at Sheetz

When the technological world was growing fast, Sheetz did its part. They launched a touch screen menu for more convenience for their customers. 

The customers can then order the custom food while shopping for other items till the food is cooked. After that, the customers can pay for all the items at once. 

Altoona of Pennsylvania has also seen a significant impact being the company’s starting point. 

Joe Sheetz, the current President and CEO of the family-run business, said, “I don’t think we’re the reason Blair County is a great place to live, but I’d like to think the jobs we’ve been able to create, particularly the jobs in the last 15 years, [are] not only well-paying jobs but lots of career opportunities that we’ve been able to provide people in this geography,” 

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