Press - Sinautec To Showcase America’s First Zero-Carbon Mass Transit Vehicle

Sinautec To Showcase America’s First Zero-Carbon Mass Transit Vehicle

On October 21, 2009, from 10 AM to 5 PM on the American University (AU) campus in Washington, DC, Sinautec Automobile Technologies, LLC and AU will demonstrate America’s first ultracapacitor electric car.

An eleven-seat minibus powered by cutting-edge ultracapacitors and charged by a 5,000 watt mobile solar unit will be on exhibit and in use by Sinautec. When compared to equivalent buses powered by conventional fuels, ultracapacitor vehicles are cost-competitive, consume no fossil fuels, and emit no tailpipe emissions.

“Sinautec intends to demonstrate the certainty of a zero-carbon future for the US public transportation industry with a mix of advanced solar and ultracapacitor technology,” stated Dan Ye, Sinautec’s CEO. In contrast to battery-powered cars, ultracapacitor vehicles can be charged quickly and have significant uses in shuttle services, tourism, and recreation as well as campus and municipal transportation.

High energy density ultracapacitors are being developed by the Arlington, Virginia-based business Sinautec for use in the transportation and utility energy storage sectors. Since 2006, Sinautec has successfully produced a line of ultracapacitor municipal buses with the assistance of its research partner, Shanghai Aowei Technology Development Company. Our objective is to support the Obama Administration’s initiatives to protect the environment and lessen America’s dependency on foreign energy, according to Mr. Ye.

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