Siya Kakkar, a 16 year old TikTok Star suicides – what can be the reason?

siya kakkar suicide

It is already hard for the people to cope with the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide, and now the report of very young talent has come up. Siya Kakkar, a rising TikTok star, has died of Suicide, this news was shared by the famous paparazzi Viral Bhayani.

Viral shared this in his post, where he mentioned in the caption that he had spoken to her manager Arjun Sarin earlier. The manager and Siya have had a conversation about a music collaboration video just the night before, and she seemed to be perfectly alright.

What did her Arjun Sarin say

The manager of Siya Kakkar, Arjun Sarin said that he had no idea what happened and why she would take such a drastic step to end her life. This news has left everyone in shock to have lost such a beautiful rising talent. Siya has left the whole community in shock, there is no suicide note, no signs and the reason of the death is still unknown.

Siya Kakkar on Instagram

Siya Kakkar’s Instagram account has been filled with all her TikTok videos, and from here, we can see that she was a talented young woman, soon to make a big career from her skills. The last post of Siya was on Instagram was this video

While it was difficult for the Bollywood industry and the people to lose an incredible talent like Sushant Singh Rajput, this loss has added to the pain. The year 2020 is turning out to be a total disaster for young and talented people in the entertainment industry. We wish that her family finds strength and may her soul rest in peace!

The reason of siya kakkar’s suicide

There is no confirmed report of siya kakkar’s suicide. we will update the post as soon as we get the details.

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