Slip release date, cast, plot – upcoming ullu web series

Slip release date ullu

Today we will publish the latest news related to the new web series of Ullu OTT Platform. Yes, as we know lately, Ullu comes up with a lot of web series. Movies and shows on its platform, and now it’s back with new newest and fresh web series called “SLIP” and this romantic web series.

Slip – Ullu Web series release date

The series is expected to be released on November 27th in the official Ullu app. The official trailer was released today on social media and YouTube. The trailer of the series has been going viral among series fans since the beginning. Many of the Ullu app fans saw this new trailer for the upcoming web series. It was released an hour ago and has received over 15,750 views in just 1 hour including 14,000 likes for what shows how popular it is going to be.

Slip – Ullu Web series plot

According to the trailer, the series can be seen with a lot of love, romance and full of lust scenes. The film is based on crime and thriller. This romantic web series is produced by Ullu Productions. However, due to a lack of information, the names of the directors and stars are missing, but we will communicate this as soon as the full information is available. After watching the trailer, some people may understand the plot of the series, but we want to inform you that the series is full of love scenes, romance, lust and crime.

Slip – Ullu Web series trailer


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